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10 December 2008

Can We Sign This Baby Up for a Frequent Flier Number?

Tomorrow, Dave and I will embark on another one of our crazy three-week work/travel trips. We have been crazily preparing for this trip so that it can go as smoothly as possible. I thought it would be much more difficult to get our Christmas shopping done, our cards sent out AND continue to prepare for this baby (we've had nursery plans come through, another hospital tour, started our baby registry, had another doctor's appointment, and cured the gas pains - Praise God!). I'm feeling pretty good that we are pretty much packed, all necessary gifts are wrapped, and are able to have a date night tonight as soon as Dave finishes up some last minute work details.

So, for those of you who are just chomping at the bit to know what our schedule is - here you go:

Thursday 12/11 - Saturday 12/13: Head up for an install at Stanford and hopefully find a place to watch the IU vs UK game since it is going to be televised on CBS.

Sunday 12/14: Do laundry and pack for DC and Arizona. (Thanks U.S. states for having such different makes it SOOOO easy on us.)

Monday 12/15: Drive to LA and crash before our super early flight.

Tuesday 12/16 - Wednesday 12/17: New Joisey, here we come.

Wednesday 12/17 - Sunday 12/21: Head to DC and do an uninstall and installation and hang out with Kiel and Lauren and hopefully Jill and Jeremy. Head back to New Joisey and crash before our super early return flight.

Monday 12/22: Fly from NJ to LA and drive directly to Chandler, Arizona.

Tuesday 12/23 - Saturday 12/27: RELAX, EAT, and enjoy family time with the Coopers.

Sunday 12/28: Return home, drop off Magnum with his girlfriend, do laundry and pack for Puerto Rico.

Tuesday 12/30: Back to LA to catch a flight to Puerto Rico.

Wednesday 12/31 - Tuesday 1/6: RELAX, EAT, and enjoy the fabulous wedding weekend that Kiel and Lauren have been working so hard on planning in Puerto Rico!!

Ahhhh...I'm exhausted from just typing it out! But, we are looking forward to seeing our good friends and family. I am personally SO happy to not be large and in charge during all this travel time.

So, yeah, this baby needs a frequent flier number because she is racking up the mileage already!


Lauren said...

She's going to be the most well-traveled baby by the time she is born! Maybe she'll come out speaking Spanish and dancing the Salsa too!!! :) I'll be sure to stuff you full of Mofungo and Quesitos and all the wonderful greasiness that is Puertorican Food!!!

PS: I spit out some coffee reading about the wedding weekend "Kiel and Lauren have planned". I actually need to sit him down and give him the rundown so he can answer people's questions and give information since he has NO idea what's going on. He just knows he needs to show up at 11am on the 1st to meet with our Reverend, 11am on the 2nd for the tour, and 4:45pm on the 3rd for the wedding!!! :)

Amanda said...

That's how Dave was too! He drove me crazy a few weeks before the wedding because he finally started reading the groom's book I bought him. I was trying to relax before bed by reading a non-wedding book and he would read and then say, "It says here you can walk down the aisle to X, Y, or Z. What are you walking down to?" and then it would be 5 or 6 more questions before I would beg him to shut up so I could get my mind off the wedding before bed!