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10 March 2009

Babies, Babies, and More Babies!!!

Springtime is approaching, and I suppose with it comes lots of babies. It's been so fun being pregnant right now because I have several friends who are pregnant at the same time. One of my best friends (and matron of honor), Tara, was set to deliver about a month ahead of me, so every couple of weeks, I would get a warning of what to expect next in my pregnancy. I knew I was going to wake up with a charlie horse in my calf about a week before that started happening. I've been really lucky that most of the little ailments that Tara had gotten have still not hit (although I am starting to get little hints of heartburn).

Last Friday, I talked to Tara on the phone as she was waiting for her weekly appointment with the doctor and instructed her that she was to call me the second she left so I could hear the doctor's report. She called about an hour later telling me that she was at the hospital and that her water had broken while she was in with the doctor. I know she was a little panicked because she is such a planner! Let me just tell you that this girl was the BEST person to partner up with in college for projects because she was always so organized and on the ball with everything. The one thing that probably drove her the most crazy about this pregnancy was not knowing the when and how of the labor. And, here she was, 9 days before her due date, probably expecting to go back home after the doctor's appointment and relax for a few more days before her baby arrived. Too bad he had other plans for her! (Haha, and I bet it won't be the first time!)

Anyway, Cassius Merrill Moter the FIFTH aka Quinn, arrived a few hours later and is absolutely beautiful. Both baby and mom are doing great and I am really bummed that I'm not able to be there to meet him in person yet or to give her a giant hug and tell her how proud I am of her. I'm so happy for Tara and Cash and am looking forward to the next stage in our lives when she preps me on all the things to expect with the baby milestones.

The very handsome Moter boys!

He may have his daddy's name, but I think he's got his momma's face! Oh, he's just too precious!

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Mom Cooper said...

In just a few more weeks Daddy Dave will be holding your baby girl and she will be adorable! I'm so glad that you and Tara will be able to share baby stories.