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12 March 2009

My Butt is a Shelf on Which to Store Things

I have about one more month to go until our baby girl is set to arrive (deep breaths, Amanda, deep breaths) and for the most part am still feeling pretty good. Everyone has said to beware of the last several weeks because things can get really uncomfortable. I'm starting to see a few signs of that, but for the most part I feel good.

A couple of nights ago, I could NOT get comfortable. I don't know if it had to do with the fact that David and I switched sides of the bed or if it was the start of a month of restless nights, but I tossed and turned relentlessly. I also woke up with an extremely sore lower back. As a result, I took a 2 hour nap yesterday afternoon and then did various yoga positions while Dave fixed dinner for us. While the yoga positions made my back feel better, most of them involved my tail-end being higher than my head and shoulders (such a great visual image for you all), and thus, the afternoon snack I had eaten rested nicely in my chest. Ahhhh, the heartburn. Seriously though, it wasn't too bad yet, and I've been trying to combat the problem by drinking lots of water. Uh huh...can you see where I am going with this? My bladder, which is now compressed by a 5 pound baby (who, I swear is enjoying playing Whack-A-Mole with it), is taking a beating. But, I really don't have room to complain because I can still move around and if/when it gets bad, I'm able to kick back on the couch and put my feet up and relax.

I went to the doctor yesterday and she was able to tell that the baby was head down...something I had suspected for awhile. Our hope is that she will stay that way for the final weeks.

I have been reading up as much as possible on the actual birthing experience. Up until recently, I wasn't able to do that. I would read books all the way to the point of delivery and then put them away, but I've come to the realization that the Labor Fairy isn't going to point her magic wand at my belly and present me with our daughter, so I better suck it up and prepare myself.

Some of you may know that David and I want to try and have as natural a childbirth as possible. I know it seems really crazy, but it's something we'd like to try. Our hospital is really supportive of it and so we feel like we've made a good choice there. We can't predict how it will turn out, so we are open to all possibilities, but we have been learning about various pain management strategies that don't involve drugs. The benefits on the baby are enough motivation for me to try and deal with the pain for as long as possible, and hopefully that will be the entire delivery. Keep your fingers crossed for us, or at least David because I may try to make him feel as miserable as I do during the labor process.

Here's my latest picture...if it's any indication of how our belly shots from Sunday turned out, I'm SERIOUSLY scared. You'll be lucky to get a 9 month shot out of me. I don't think it helps anything that the shirt I am wearing is a non-maternity shirt or that we are in a hurry to get out of here. Oy, EXCUSES, EXCUSES!


Mom Cooper said...

I may be a little bit partial but you are the cutest 8 month pregnant woman I have ever seen. Could it be because you are carying my grandchild?? Seriously you look great. Dave you know I love you but when you have the next baby then you can decide if you want pain medication or not. I say there is no shame in having it handy just in case. Dad says "you don't need no stinkin pain"! (Family joke)

Marissa said...

You look wonderful! I'm so excited for you to try a natural childbirth. My experience with Pumpkin's birth (naturally) was 1,000x better than Mister's medicated, medically interventioned (is that a word?) birth. If you can manage it, I highly recommend it! You're so brave to try it on your first. I wouldn't even think about it with Mister, and I didn't plan on it with Pumpkin - he just came so fast I didn't have a choice. But I'm glad it happened that way. Much better. You're so strong - you'll do wonderfully! Can't wait to meet my niece! :)

Lauren said...

You look fantastic Amanda! I can't wait to see Daniel's shots... and meet Little Baby Girl!!! :)

You have totally made up my mind that I am going to stop working while I'm pregnant... there is no way on God's green earth that I'm going to be shuffling around an office where mid-day yoga sessions and feet resting wouldn't be welcomed. Hells to the no.

Irma said...

You look beautiful! As for birthing your child, you do what is best for you to manage the pain. Men haven't a clue...if they did, the world's population would have shrunk a long time ago! Either way, I am excited to meet baby girl soon.

Jillian said...

Your butt is a pancake compared to mine! All I got to say about the pain is, if you're induced...DONT DO THE DEMORAL! It doesnt make the pain go away but makes your eyes unable to focus.
Good luck with natural. That's the way I'm going too! I'm also thinking about banning Jeremy from the delivery room. There will be a blog about that soon.

Amanda said...

Mom, thanks, but I think you HAVE to say that about me!

Marissa, I still say Pumpkin's birth was way better because it was SO MUCH SHORTER!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a 4 hour birth! ;)

Lauren, I agree that I have been EXTREMELY lucky to have been a stay-at-home fiance and a stay-at-home prego. I have a feeling my next pregnancy will be a doozy to make up for the ease I've had so far!

Irma - Great point about the men. I was remembering today a conversation that David and I first had about natural childbirth and I wanted to strangle him for even suggesting it. I wanted to go into labor wearing the "Got Epidural" shirt, but I'm proud of myself for attempting it! We'll see how it goes.

Jill - I'll see your blog on men in the delivery room and raise it one of my own! Stay tuned.