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05 March 2009

A Moment of Wellness

Whenever David and I go to Santa Barbara to visit Michele, we almost always stop into her Aveda store. David loves to go in there and ask either Michele, or one of the other ladies working, for a "Moment of Wellness." This "moment" usually involves some tea, smelling some special aromas, and getting a nice massage. Because we haven't been down to Santa Barbara in awhile, David is asking me to give him some treatments here at home.

He's so wonderful about rubbing my feet almost nightly, so when he asked for a Moment the other night, I couldn't say no. We pulled out the most wonderful smelling Aveda Hand Relief lotion and I went to work giving him a nice neck and shoulder massage. And, he was extra lucky, because Baby Girl decided to help out. She was moving all around and massaging his lower back.

I read somewhere that her activity level is supposed to start slowing down because there is less room in there for her, but that doesn't really seem to be holding true. She has been extremely active the last several days, and as much as it can sometimes drive me crazy (like at 3 in the morning), I really will be sad to see it slow down. As much as I am so excited to meet her, I think it will be a strange feeling for me to feel a little "empty" inside after she's born.

Have any mothers out there experienced that same feeling??


Jillian said...

Nope, you are just a MUCH better human being than I am. At 42 weeks, I was all GET THIS THING OUT OF ME! And then it was over and I could sleep on my stomach again...and what what? I could bend over and tie my own shoes! Holding her on the outside is so much better. And you'll probably only have to get up once to go to the bathroom at night.

Irma said...

Absolutely. I remember feeling good that I could see my toes again, but still missing that I could no longer feel the baby inside me where they are secure, warm, and always with you with you! The feeling lessens though as you start to enjoy the time as your child starts to develop.

Mom Cooper said...

Let's just see how you feel about baby girl moving around, kicking and all that jazz if you go over a week or so. You'll be begging for her to hurry up and make her appearance!!!!!