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31 March 2009

It's Not Like His Breath Doesn't Already Smell Like 4 Day Old Fish!

Before I met David, I could have probably spent the rest of my life only eating the kind of fish that gets beer-battered and deep-fried and comes with a nice side of "chips." But, my husband loves seafood...scallops, oysters, crabs, lobster, halibut, salmon, you name it. And, he loves it fixed anyway possible...seared, poached, grilled, steamed, in soups, stirfrys...pretty much anyway BUT beer-battered and deep-fried with a side of chips. Well, that's not exactly true, he'll eat them that way - if there is no other option or we are at an Irish pub.

Anyway, he has worked his hardest at introducing me to new kinds of foods, not just stopping at seafood. And, I will admit, my palate has expanded quite a bit in the last four years. When we lived in Indiana, we would have steamed fish at least once a week. Our favorite (or, maybe just MY favorite) was rainbow trout. Since moving out here, we've been unable to get any from any of the stores in our area, so we've been eating a lot of salmon and tilapia. Now, there's nothing wrong with salmon, really, except for the fact that it tastes a lot like fish. And, for me, that's not a great thing. I can handle a little bit of it, but after awhile, I just get sick of the fishy taste. Last week, David went to check out the seafood department at the grocery store and found that they had a selection of trout. That night, we feasted on the best tasting fish I've had in ages. And, I went back again on Monday to find that they had even more! I am seriously thinking of writing a letter to the head manager begging them to keep ordering that fish. I love it so much better than the doesn't taste like fish!!!

Now, the only one in this house who loves seafood more than my husband is Magnum! He is lucky enough to get the fish skins after we fix dinner. He could be buried under four blankets clear across the house and the second the fish comes out of the wrapper, he is waiting for it in the kitchen. Monday night, after our dinner was ready, I mixed the skin up as much as possible with his dog food so that he would not only eat it, but his real dinner as well.

And, here's what happened....51 morsels of food left on the tile and not a hint of trout skin in the bowl!


Coco Stiletto said...

You buy your fish at the grocery store???? Shop the fish markets for a wide selection of FRESHNESS! Odds are your dinner was swimming around the ocean yesterday:

Amanda said...

I'm sending this link to David! Thanks...they have trout! (Of course, right now it says it's out of stock, but to check back on Thursday!)

Marissa said...

I've started liking fish after living in the northwest for nearly 7 years now. It's funny - I always hated it growing up (except for sushi of course) but now I crave it. Strange. Magnum is too funny. That looks like something Cheyenne would do too. :)

Irma said...

Good fresh fish does not smell. If you smell something, do not cook it.

Lauren said...

Take any leftover salmon and just air mail it to me...I could LIVE off of it! I'll make a note not to make my ginger/honey/soy salmon when you're out here in June, it's typically my dinner guest go-to dinner!!!