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13 March 2009

He's Even More Handsome in Person

My brother got this caricature done tonight at an Ostrich Festival in Arizona with my parents and it was just too great not to post. Happy Belated 29th Birthday, Ryan!

I'm thinking that beautifully manicured fingernail on top of the picture belongs to my mother!


Mom Cooper said...

What a fun time was had by all at the Ostrich Festival even tho we missed the ostrich race. I did take a bite of Ryan's ostrich burger and did not care for it at all. It had a really funny after taste. Dad and I shared a good old Hoosier tenderloin. We also shared a funnel cake. When will I ever learn to get my own??? Oh well, there's always next year!!

Amanda said...

That's funny...Bill J. thought that the ostrich burgers had an aftertaste too, but surprisingly I couldn't taste it. Yummy tenderloins....makes me want to go to Shorty's and get the tenderloin special! Why do I always crave things that I can't have??

Lauren said...

I love that picture! Ostrich Festival? That is craaazy!!!