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16 March 2009

My Husband's New Idol? Evil Knievel

Dave and I took what I hope is our last trip before the baby is born this past weekend. We had a small installation at Berkeley and decided to make a weekend trip out of it visiting Dave's buddies in Palo Alto. READ: Dave needed some guy time to act like a teenager again before diving head first into his role of Papa.

The installation was was a small job and all I had to do was cut open the boxes and then break them down after they were emptied. The weather was beautiful on Friday, too, so it was so nice to be outside for most of the installation. We headed down to Palo Alto after spending the afternoon strolling through Berkeley and grabbing some food. Friday night, Dave went out with a couple of guys and his best man, Soudy, and I stayed in watching hours of X-Files. I got to lay down in front of the tv and eat Cap'n Crunch, so it was a super Friday night for me!

Dave and I did a little shopping on Saturday (I finally got a diaper caddy), and then headed back to Soudy's. For David, that's when the real fun began! Soudy has a Yamaha XT 250 (motorcycle) and decided that David needed to learn how to ride it. After about 10 minutes, Dave was a pro. After about 45 minutes, he was a dare devil! And, after about 60 minutes, he wanted one of his own.

David, starting to get a little cocky on the bike.

Meet Soudy, the man who will be financially responsible for our baby should anything happen to David while riding the bike!

So, turns out, during his bonding time with Soudy Saturday night, Soudy offered up his bike for Dave to borrow for the next 6 weeks or so to "practice on." And, by practice on, I mean PLAY WITH.

Sunday morning, Dave asked me as we were loading the van if it was alright for us to take the bike back. Fine with me as long as he doesn't kill himself while riding it. What I didn't know was that it would take us FIVE and HALF hours to get tie straps, a hitch, a trailer, and then get the bike loaded.

The good news was that I didn't have to drive the van/trailer combo back to Nipomo. But, let me tell you, four hours in the car is not so comfortable at 8 months pregnant.

He does look pretty cute by that bike. Yep, that's my Baby Daddy!

As soon as we got home, our neighbor Bill came out with the BIGGEST smile on his face. I guess he used to own a few motorcycles and was just thrilled that David has one available to him now.
Boys and their toys! Thank goodness, we are starting with a girl!


Lauren said...

I'm dying laughing right now! A) I can't believe Dave just "took home" Soudy's bike with him from Palo Alto, B) My first reaction was "they got a minivan!" and C) How random is it we BOTH ate Cap'n Crunch on the same darn weekend?

Amanda said...

@Lauren -
A) I can't believe it either!
B) Not a's the work van!
C) Cap'n Crunch is so darn good. That and Lucky Charms are probably my favorite cereals ever.

And, let me tack on a

Mom Cooper said...

Sure hope Grandpa Cooper doesn't get the urge to ride the bike when we come out!!!

Amanda said...

Mom, he is a male. I have a strong feeling that he'll want to ride it!

Lauren said...

Nothing beats Cinnamon Toast Crunch, everybody knows that. It has the taste you can see!

Thank goodness about the car... I was like "one baby and ALREADY?!?!?"

And don't you know that SPORTS are in season? That means there are West Coast games that keep my husband up until O'God Thirty in the morning. This is a year-round JOY in our household.

Irma said...

Don't you know that boys never really grow up? Be times, David will be the father you need for your child...and at times, he will be the second child! Trust me, Peter still acts like the young man he still wishes he was! Haha.

miss k said...

Too bad you guys didn't have time to visit us when you were in town. Our house is only about 10 min from your install and I work in Berkeley!