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31 March 2009

Move Over, Martha! There's a New Crafter in Town!

Alright, so I am not quite Martha Stewart, as much as I strive to be her. Well, not be her so much, because her dogs are annoying and let's not forget that she's been to JAIL. But, man, can that woman do some crafts!

When I first found out I was pregnant, before anyone else knew, I stifled my morning bouts of queasiness with copious amounts of buttered toast and would lay in front of the tv just waiting for projectile vomit to come out of my mouth. Thank goodness it never did, and as a result, I was able to check out some Martha episodes in the process. My favorite project that she did was making adorable dog appliqued onesies. Let me just tell you, I became inspired! And, so I set off to make some of my own. Fortunately, her website usually has the instructions online for most of the projects and I was able to get right to work. Oh wait, except for the fact that I didn't have fabric, onesies, any other materials, and most importantly...a sewing machine OR the skills to sew! Dave and I found a cute fabric store in Berkeley and got some really cool fabrics and almost all the necessary things to make the onesies. I spent the next few days getting dog patterns and working on the onesies for various friends who had small babies or were expecting as well. I did all the work myself and outsourced the sewing to a lady here in town. (Since then, I've gotten my very own sewing machine and am on my way to learning how to do the stitches myself!)

Here are a couple shots of my work:

My muse...Caroline, sporting her Airdale Terrier, Ruby.

I've also made a Golden Retriever, a Labrador Retriever, a Cairn Terrier, and yes, Jill, a Pomeranian. Unfortunately, the Pomeranian looks a little bit like a pufferfish, but you'll probably still get it! Ha, the one thing I haven't made is an Italian Greyhound onesie!

In addition to sewing and crafting baby clothes, I tried my hand at painting last month. And, I'm not talking about painting walls...I've done that for years. I wanted some cute little animals to go on the nursery wall that would match Peanut's bedding. But, I couldn't find anything. Not to worry, I would just make them myself. Even though both my husband AND best friend laughed when they saw them, I think they are okay enough to put up. And, don't even get me started on how frustrating they were to do. Note to self: I am NOT an accomplished arteest!

Her bedding

Notice how these pictures are much smaller than the onesie pictures? HAHA.


Unknown said...

That is a cute baby!!!

When I was at your point, I started becoming obsessive about the room. I had to find the right wastebasket, the right little lamp, the right basket, etc. All my nervous excitement landed on the room (and my overnight bag). So paint away! It is nice to have a project and some focus.

Lauren said...

Those paintings are ADORABLE!!!

Marissa said...

So cute! Did you make the cairn terrier onesie for Pumpkin? I thought you bought it somewhere. Wow, if you made it it was soooo cute! Sadly it's too small for the little giant now, but I loved that onesie! :)

Amanda said...

@Caroline - Yes! She is just about the cutest thing! You should see her when she plays Hide N Seek! :)

And, I have packed and repacked our bags multiple times already. Magnum's is the only one that has gone unchanged.

@Lauren - Why, thank you. I actually think they are pretty cute too. The duck and lamb look just like the bedding, but I had to change the bunny to a different position because I couldn't figure out how to shade the legs differently than the rest of his body when he was in the crouched position.

@Marissa - Yep, that onesie was made by yours truly! I know I caught him right at the end of that it for Baby #3!

Irma said...

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. You are an arteest to me...and you will be to your baby.