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20 May 2011

From the Mouths of Babes

Oh my.  I have been on a nesting kick all day long.  I am just now sitting down to have a breakfast burrito for dinner {that makes sense, right?} after organizing, organizing and more organizing.  My friend Tara used to tell me that I worked in circles and she is totally right.  I have started in one area focusing on one thing which then leads me to another random thing that somehow soaks up my attention.  For the most part, I have stayed on task today despite caring for a tornado-like toddler who has pulled out every possible toy in the playroom.  My focus has really been on getting the baby stuff organized.  The guest bed is currently covered in newborn and 0-3 clothes just waiting to be laundered again.  I have dedicated drawers for the cloth diapers and the blankets and bibs and even started organizing some of the clothes for 3-6 months and up.  I'm worn out for sure.

Despite all that, I wanted to take a few minutes to share some funny things that have come out of Olivia's mouth JUST TODAY.  The kid is crackin'.me.up.

---This afternoon during a particularly stinky diaper change, Olivia said to me, What did yoouuu EEEAATT???  {This is something I ask her on occasion, apparently.}

---Olivia's new vitamins are now in chewable form {and they smell just like the Flinstone vitamins I took as a kid}.  Obviously they taste good because Olivia always asks for more.  Tonight I told her that Dr. Thompson gave them to her and she was only supposed to take one a day and she had already had it.  That got her on a kick asking about Dr. Thompson and what he was doing.  Olivia:  Is he in his office?  Me:  No, I think he is home now.  Olivia:  Is he having his dinner?  Me:  You know what?  Yep, he probably is.  Olivia:  Is he sitting in his high chair?  And then just uncontrollable laughter from me.

{Yeah, she climbed up there all by herself.  Talk about scary.}

---One of Olivia's favorite things is to ask who got her a specific toy or article of clothing.  I think part of this is because her Uncle Rhino likes to remind her that he got her certain things.  For a long time, she thought he had gotten her pretty much everything.  I've since set the record straight on that.  During her bath tonight, she had to ask who got her all the things in the tub, including the bathtub, faucet and water!

In all seriousness though, I love this kid more than words can describe.

Happy Friday from the Central Coast!


Jillian said...

OMG Hilarious! And just wait till the other one comes and they start telling each other these crazy things and you get to just observe and laugh till you cry. It really is one of my favorite things about parenting.

Mom Cooper said...

Jill, I can't wait for that time too. I feel for Amanda tho, if the second little girl is anything like Olivia, my dear Amanda will be in for the ride of her life. A great ride none the less.

I love Olivia to pieces, but that love is just going to spill over to the new little one too. Oh, I can't wait.

Marissa said...

I love the things kids say. And I totally agree with Jill - it's a whole new level of entertainment! :)