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11 May 2011

Twenty-Five Weeks

Monday marked my 26th week of this pregnancy {making me 25 weeks pregnant} and I'd like to thank this little jellybean for being such a great little fetus so far!  She really has been so very easy.  Have I been emotional?  Umm, yes, but that's to be expected.  But, I was morning sickness free and up until a couple of weeks ago, I could still fit into my regular jeans.  She gives me sweet and gentle reminders that she's here and doing great with little movements & kicks, but hasn't stuck anything where it doesn't belong and has kept me free from heartburn thus far.  And, while my skin might not exactly be glowing, I have only had a few minor breakouts.  So, thank you sweet pea, your mama realllly appreciates it.

I had David take this picture yesterday since I actually dried my hair {washed it too!}.  There's a little bump action going on {and a big bump action going on in the rear}.

Jellybean is about 13 inches and weighs around a pound, or so says Babycenter.  I got a call from my doctor's office this morning letting me know that my prenatal screenings all came back normal, so that is a relief.

David and I have been working on our list of names.  It's only about 40 names deep, so I'm thinking that's pretty good.  I add in a new name or two just about every week...sort of working in the wrong direction there, I guess.  Some of the names on the list are names I like, but not necessarily names I can see us using.  My two current favorites are Kyra {pronounced with a long I sound} and Sydney.  David's favorite name is Callie.  My worry with Kyra is that people won't know how to pronounce her it Kyyyra or is it Keeeera and then she already will have to deal with NO ONE pronouncing our last name correctly.  Some of my other favorites are more common names like Amy & Emily.  And, I also have a thing for V names because Evelyn & Evie {long E sound} are also on the list.  See my troubles?  {So, if any of you have suggestions, I'm open to hearing them!} Regardless, it's fun thinking of different name possibilities and I love running them by Olivia.  

Speaking of, she likes to say hi to her baby sister through my belly and tells me on a daily basis that there's a baby in Mommy's belly and that it's going to be a baby sister.  She's going to be a WONDERFUL big sister -- I can already tell that she loves her so much.


Hope you all are having a wonderful day.  
Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!


Irma said...

You look beautiful! It is great to see Olivia being a big sister already!So looking forward to meeting my new granddaughter!

Marissa said...

You look UH-mazing!!! Love that last picture of Olivia touching your belly. What if you spelled it Kaira? Does that seem easier to pronounce it correctly? Very cute name. :)

Mom Cooper said...

Oh Amanda, you look like I did at three months but that's another story. I will agree, you look amazing and I too love the picture of Olivia touching your belly. So, so precious. I'm glad you are having another easy pregnancy. Who could you have taken that after because it sure wasn't YOUR mother.

Can't wait to me my new little granddaughter.

Mom Cooper said...

ooops! I can't wait to meet not me my granddaughter.

Cassy said...

OMG!! You are so tiny!!! Too cute though!

Mom Cooper said...

Again let me say you look adorable as a pregnant mother of one and soon to be two. Like I said before, I looked like you do now at three months with both you and Ryan. And for this no morning sickness, how dare you not go through the 3 months of feeling like pure (you know what) like I did with you AND Ryan. Really I wouldn't wish that on anyone so I am glad you do not take after me in any of the pregnant issues.

I agree Olivia will be a wonderful big sister and a big help to you too.

I am so exited about meeting and cuddling with my new little granddaughter. August can't get here soon enough for me. But until that happens, enjoy every minute of this precious time in your life. With all the ups and downs of being pregnant, I wouldn't trade it and the end results for all the tea in China.

Love you and your little family so much.

Serenity Now said...

You look great! Since you asked for opinions, I wanted to chime in with my two cents about the name Kyra. LOVE the name - in fact my son has a preschool friend named Kyra. Her mom and I just had a big discussion about the pronunciation issue because my name is Kirsten - which people always mispronounce. She said the same thing about her daughter's name, which is spelled with a Y. She said in restrospect she would have spelled in Kira, but I'm not sure that would have made much difference, since mine is spelled with an I and I have the same problem :)
Still love the name though! Just wanted to share, since I have personal experience!

Jillian said...

YOU. LOOK. AMAZING! AND WOW, HEY SUNTAN! Seriously though you are glowing and I'm just so happy for you guys. It is truly an adventure, harrowing at times but all around the greatest gif I've ever been given having two little girls. Can't wait to watch you and the baby grow! LOVE YOU!

Irma said...

You look beautiful, happy, and healthy! Wow!