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30 May 2011

Scan On It ... And Organize It

How many times do you think I've blogged about my obsession with organizing and getting rid of things in the last few weeks?  Probably only a fraction of the time that it has been on my mind.  I honestly don't remember being like this when I was pregnant with Olivia, but it is seriously starting to consume me!  It's too bad I am entering my 3rd trimester now because some of the fatigue is starting to kick back in and I am getting frustrated when there are things I know need organizing!  All of Olivia's old clothes are sorted and the newborn and 0-3's have been washed and put away.  I even consolidated some holiday stuff and am feeling more organized in that area as well.  {And, you know what happens when there are open tubs that need filling??  I start looking for other things to fill them!}

I love my pretty labels!

Yesterday, I went through almost 2 dozen Parents magazines and ripped out any articles/craft ideas/recipes that I thought I would want to keep.  Now I need to get them all organized into categories in a binder and then do the same thing for my Martha Stewart and Real Simple magazines.  I've also been going through a ton of pictures and putting them into picture albums.  Loose pictures are my new arch enemies!  I had David scan a few of them for me that I wanted to share here and put up on Facebook for my mama's birthday.  {Happy Birthday, Mom!}

This is one of my all-time favorite pictures. I can't remember if I've already scanned this and posted it before, but it is worth posting again.  To say I was attached to my Pappaw is putting it lightly!
{And, it looks like I am wearing red, white and blue, so it must have been some sort of holiday!}

Here I am on my 2nd birthday.

I love my mom's hair and her rockin' outfit!!  And, what I wouldn't give to be that blonde again!

This was my mom's engagement picture.  I don't think I could get my hair that high if I tried!

Look, Jill, my mom was IS stylish too!

Oh Dad, let's let that mustache be a thing of the past!

A few weeks ago when Mom & Dad were out here, I joked about how my pappaw listened to the Reds' games on an old-fashioned radio while Olivia's Poppy now listens to them on his newfangled iPhone.  I just found this picture of him, in classic form, listening to his radio, undoubtedly tuned to 700 WLW and listening to the Cincinnati Reds.  {Love him}

It must have been a hot one out because he is practically nekkid!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Memorial Day {and birthday, if it happens to be yours}.  I have a few pictures of Olivia to share from our day, but I think I'll save those for tomorrow.  I've got a stack of articles to sort through while David puts her down for the night.

Happy Memorial Day from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Talk about going down memory lane. These pictures sure take me back in time. Yes, you loved your Pappaw and he loved you just as much.

Thank goodness not only clothes but furniture has changed for the better. Well in some cases.

Amanda, can you see how much Olivia looks like you in these pictures?

Thanks for the memory trip.

Jillian said...

Oh, this organizing makes my little heart so happy. If only I could be there to help you. I actually get excited about moving because I know it means I get to go through every closet and drawer. Weird!!
I love the old pictures of your family. You guys were/are so cute!
Happy nesting!!

Poppy said...

One of your best blogs sis, you were pappaw's favorite for sure. Sorry Ryan, but thats the way it was. Besides, you had Mammaw in your pocket.


Cassy said...

Haha I had so much clothes before I had my daughter that we had to organize it like that! Totes are my new best friends! I have more than I have ever had in my life!

Cassy from Miracle In The Making

Irma said...

I am so impressed with your organization! Can I hire you? And the trip down memory lane was so delightful. Olivia looks JUST like you in these photo!