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24 May 2011

Playdates & Brownies

We had an eventful morning this morning!  I took a break from all of my organizing and we met up with Sarah and Kendall for a little playdate at the park.  These girls just love each other to pieces and it's so fun watching them play together.

Kendall is SO brave.  As soon as she could, she ran off to the big playground, climbed the stairs and went straight for the covered slide!  Olivia was petrified of the swinging bridge!  I can't say that I blame her - I hate those too.

Sarah had a couple of things to get from WalMart and so did I, so we took our kiddos up for a quick shopping trip together.

David was out of town last weekend and emptied the car of anything baby related, so our cart cover was MIA.  Of all places for her to have her pb&j lunch....

Sarah was really craving In-N-Out Burger, so we tagged along for a little lunch date.  Since Olivia had already eaten, I just shared a few of my french fries with her.  She was OBSESSED with dipping them in the ketchup!

I couldn't get both girls to look at the camera at the same time.

And, as if that wasn't enough to wear me out -- I came home and made a dozen breakfast burritos and a box of this goodness while Olivia napped!

The worst thing about the brownies is that you are supposed to eat them chilled.  I've been sneaking little bites of them since this afternoon waiting for them to cool and I'm officially ready to get a real brownie for dessert!

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!


Jillian said...

Ugh! This is really hard for me to read because I miss you SO MUCH! And Olivia and David. And magnum. And your house. And your cooking. And your awesome special"ness". Xoxoxo!!!

Marissa said...

What a fun day! Love how long Olivia's hair is getting. Such a doll! :)

Mom Cooper said...

Thank goodness I have not come across Cheesecake Swirl brownies before, but now that I know they are out there AND calling my name, oh my goodness. WW anonymous where are you!