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15 May 2011

Yet Another Weekend Wrap-Up

Alright, so this weekend wrap-up is also going to include a little bit from Thursday & Friday and a lot of pictures.  And, it's going to be a quick recap because I'm ready to crawl into bed with a good book.

On Thursday, Olivia and I ran a couple local errands and then hit up the library.  It had been awhile since we had checked out any books and it's always a fun place for her to run around {while making only a slight mess} and look at different books.

Hi, Cindy Brady?

We got tons of books for Olivia and Mommy even managed to get one too!

On Friday, Olivia and I met up with Sarah and Kendall on our way to our class field trip at the Cal Poly Dairy Barn.  Once we got there, the girls were inseparable.  It was so cute watching them hold hands with each other. 

Olivia loved seeing all of the little baby cows.  She would lean over their little kennels and say, Hi Baby Cow. How are youuuu today?  I was impressed that she even reached her hand in the cage to let one of the cows give her a little lovin.

We left the Dairy Barn and headed over to see the horses and their new babies.  I had brought some carrots to feed the horses and while Olivia was a little scared of the bigger horses, she was pretty excited to pet one of the babies.  We left there and headed over to a little grassy area for a picnic lunch.  {A big thanks to our friends who shared their lunch with us since this Mama apparently missed the lunch memo.}  Olivia gave her friend Jacob a special thanks for sharing some of his lunch with her.

Well, that field trip must have really worn me out because I was pretty much a slug the rest of the day.  David took Olivia on their date night Friday night while I spent the evening on the couch reading my library book!

I did manage to get some ribbons in her pigtails before she left.

Date night at the beach.

I woke up Saturday feeling horrible!  I'm not sure if it was all that nature on Friday or what, but my throat was incredibly sore and my whole head just felt FULL.  Thankfully, David got up with Olivia and took care of her all morning, including a fun playdate at the park.  I managed to finish the library book I had checked out and sent David back to the library to return it and pick up the next book in the series.  On his way there, he found a sweet little stray dog about to get hit in the middle of the road.  He picked the poor little guy up and it was clear that he was in need of some doctoring.  We tried several different places and they either weren't open or weren't accepting animals.  Fortunately, our neighbors told us about a pet hospital that would accept the dog and give him some treatment.  We took him there last night after giving him some of Magnum's food.

This morning, we stopped by a different neighbor's house {whose sibling owns a local restaurant and I remembered also had a dachsund} to see if perhaps the siblings owned dachsunds too and were missing one.  David went and talked to the wife and while it wasn't their dog, the husband said that if no one claimed him, they would rescue him.  We gave them the information of the hospital and are hoping that things work out for this sweet little guy.

And, speaking of this morning, I made us some yummy homemade pancakes for us.  Better than Bisquick if I do say so myself!

Today is also David's dad's birthday, so naturally Olivia had to sing him Happy Birthday.  She did that with him over the phone, but we also wanted to record a little message for him.  You can see that here.  Happy Birthday, Peter!

Hope you all have had a wonderful weekend.
Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Well I can say with some assurance there is never a dull moment in the Michelson household.

Amanda, sorry you were sick for part of the week-end. Glad you are better. Thanks David for rescuing my daughter (by taking care of Olivia) and rescuing the poor little dog.

That was a sweet birthday message to Olivia's Poppa Michelson.

Now slow down for a few days!!

Irma said...

Busy bees as usual I see! Good to stay active, but you will have to start pacing yourself soon. LOVED the BD video from Olivia to Poppa! I think you should have cloned her and sent us an identical Olivia for Poppa and of our very own! Now that would be some gift!