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28 May 2011

The Only Thing Missing Was Strawberry Shortcake

Strawberries, funnel cakes, bounce houses and family time?!  Woot Woot - that makes for a fun day!  {And, also one worn-out group of people!}

We got up early this morning and packed snacks and a picnic lunch to take to the Strawberry Festival {or the Strawberry Vegetable, as Olivia calls it} up in Arroyo Grande.  We walked through all of the booths and then headed over to my two kiddos favorite spot - the bounce houses!  But, of course we had to take a little lunch break first.

They cancelled the Prince and Princess contest this year, but let me tell you, she would have won it hands down!

When we went to the festival last year there were only a couple of bounce houses there.  {See that post here!} This year there were at least a dozen -- I swear David was in heaven.  We ended up just doing one of them and thank goodness it wasn't crowded.  Olivia can handle the bounce house when there is just one other kid in it, but once too many kids get in, she starts hugging the floor and is ready to get out.  I guess there is a such thing as too much bounce.

And, while we were out in the sunshine and the camera was out, we had to pose for a couple of pictures!

Three generations of Michelsons.

Can you tell it was kind of windy?

We ended up getting a half flat of strawberries before we left and so after a family nap, I made some freezer jam.  I hope it turns out as good as the ones my mom has made for us in the past.  I think I may have eaten my weight in strawberries today {and judging from the picture above, that would be A LOT} ... and this little strawberry in my belly seems to like them too.  She is just movin' and shakin' away.

No, there's not much sugar in those...

In other {non-strawberry} news, one of my best friends in the whole world got married today in Chicago.  It wasn't in the cards for us to be out there with her on this special day and it made me a little sad to miss it.  She made such a beautiful bride and I couldn't be happier for her.

Isn't she gorgeous?

Congratulations Michele and Alejandro!  We wish you all the happiness in the WORD!
Hee hee - just a little inside joke between the two of us.

Happy Saturday from the Central Coast!


Marissa said...

What a cute outfit and barette to wear to the strawberry festival! So, so cute! I love the 3 generation picture. And, um, you don't even look pregnant..... :) Glad you had a fun weekend!

Mom Cooper said...

The strawberry festival pictures are adorable. Good pic of Peter, David and Olivia. Your strawberry jam looks very good.

Sweet Michele, I love her dress and I love her.

Irma said...

Olivia is so coordinated witht he festival! I wished I could have been there but glad you all had a great time! Can you please send me the photo soft copy of the three Michelson's? I would like to make a copy for Peter.