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10 May 2011

Happy Birthday, Hubby!

Eeeek, David just put on The Hangover and {stop the world} we haven't seen it yet!  So, this will be a quick birthday post.  {Sorry babe.}

David turned 34 today!  It's about time he caught up to me - these 15 days of being older than him are brutal!  Olivia and I made David breakfast this morning -- scrambled eggs, tortillas and some toaster strudels.

We are classy like that.

We then decided to kick David's blood-sugar levels up a few notches and made him sugar cookies AND snickerdoodles.  {And then we threw in a little veggie with a spinach smoothie.}

Can you tell I let Olivia help?

And, speaking of that precious little angel ... here are a few pictures of her on her daddy's birthday!

And if that's not enough cuteness, you can check out Olivia wishing her daddy a happy birthday here.

Happy Birthday, David!  We hope you had a wonderful day!


Mom Cooper said...

Thanks for letting us come to David's party via skype! It looks like he had a fun-sugar filled day. David you are so blessed by having such a loving wife and daughter.

Marissa said...

Glad he had a fun day and that you and Olivia made it so special for him. Love Olivia's video too - she kills me! :)

Irma said...

Glad you and Olivia celebrated David's birthday with so many special touches!