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17 June 2011

Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

The cost of a tank of gas:  $75
Time spent in the car riding on 101:  6 hours
Number of hours slept:  6
Seeing these two together for the first time in forever:  PRICELESS

Olivia and I had a great trip up to San Jose visiting Grandma Irma - our time was short, but most definitely sweet.  {And, that's just partly because we had chocolate cake with raspberry gelato AND strawberry tiramisu for dessert.}  Olivia may have had ants in her pants {she couldn't sit still the entire night}, but she definitely had a heart full of love for her grandma!

This morning, Olivia worked herself into a tizzy because she wanted Grandma to sit in the front seat and ride to breakfast with us instead of in her own car.  Once she realized Grandma was saying goodbye, there were lots more tears shed. 

Thank you, Irma, for inviting us up and letting us spend the evening with you.  We loved every minute of it!

Such a big girl!

Happy Friday from the Central Coast!


Poppy said... sweet! Irma you sure look like a happy grandma in that pic. I love those pig tails!

Mom Cooper said...

So glad you all got to get together even if it was a short visit. Olivia keeps asking where her Grandma is. m

Marissa said...

SO CUTE! I wish I could've been there too. Miss you guys so much!

Irma said...

Thank you for coming down for such a SHORT time! I loved every minute spent squeezing and kissing Olivia! What a precocious curious and bubbly!