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01 June 2011

Oh, Those Riley Boys!

All I can say is that Jacob better watch out now that there is a new Riley boy in town.  Little William is sort of enamored with Olivia, and I think the feeling might be mutual!

Olivia and I went up to hang out with Sarah and Kendall today while they babysat William so that we could "help out."  Really, we just wanted to play with Kendall and snuggle up with Baby William and that's exactly what we did.

Ooooh, he's such a sweet little baby boy.  He barely fussed at all.  And Olivia was SO good with him!  She is going to be an awesome big sister.  She was constantly bringing him little toys and giving him his pacifier.  At one point I was doing a little bit of baby talk with him and tickling his little belly and she came up to him and did the same thing saying,  Hey Sugar, Sugar.  Awww, it just made my heart melt.

William fell asleep when I was holding him, so I ended up holding onto him for his entire nap.  Needless to say, my arm was feeling a bit on the tired side when I finally gave him up.  But, ohmyword, if I wasn't already pregnant, I would seriously be having the BABY FEVER after our little snuggle session.

Olivia even went in for the smooch right before we were leaving.  I made her do it again so I could get it on camera!  I think he may have gotten a little PB&J in that kiss!

Just a couple more months and she'll have her own baby sister to love on!

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!


Marissa said...

That put a smile on my face. :)

Mom Cooper said...

Oh how sweet. I know Olivia will be a big help to you and a wonderful big sister to the new little one. Where was Jacob?

Irma said...

Olivia is practicing being a big sister...and how to attract a younger man! LOL!