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12 June 2011

That's a Wrap!

Hello Lovelies!  Have you missed me??  We were busy little bees around here the last few days and have spent most of today recovering!

I spent most of Thursday {day} trying to price our stuff for Saturday's garage sale, but that was not very easy to do with Olivia, so a lot of it was done Thursday night.  When David saw all of the stuff set out on tables, he started getting REALLY into the What Can We Get Rid Of  mode!  After pulling more stuff to sell, he loaded up the car so I could drop stuff off at Ken and Katie's on the way back from class the next morning.

Friday was our last day of class for this quarter.  We only have one more {short summer} session to do before the BABY GETS HERE!!  I do not think I will be brave enough to do a class with Olivia AND this new little baby {who Olivia keeps calling Kyra}, but I can always go as a guest if this baby is a good traveler!  {Please, Dear Lord, let this baby be a good traveler!}

Kendall's mom took this picture!  All of the moms were jumping up and down and singing trying to get the kids to smile for the camera!  
And, of course, Olivia has to have her baby with her.

These classes have been such a blessing to us!  I was talking to the teacher, Miss Julie, about how I didn't know any of the moms in the class and only signed up because the strolling teacher saw me at Old Navy with Olivia and suggested signing up for her class.  Julie couldn't believe that I didn't know anyone beforehand because she knows how good of friends we have all become -- moms and babies!

Those girls love holding hands with each other!

After class on Friday, we dropped some stuff off at K&K's and then picked up a couple more tables to use at the sale.  While Olivia napped, I made cookies to sell and packed up the rest of our stuff and then packed a picnic dinner for Olivia.  When she woke up, we headed up to SLO for the kick-off to Concerts in the Plaza.  

While I ran into Katie's shop, David and Olivia went exploring by the creek.

Jackpot!  Pulling out the bowl of berries definitely got the attention of the kiddos!

Olivia and Macy pretending to nap!

We got home late on Friday -- we grabbed a quick bite from Chipotle with Kendall's family after the concert -- and it took Olivia until almost 11 to settle down enough to go to sleep.  David and I got as much stuff packed & loaded as possible and I packed an emergency bag of food to keep Olivia happy while we sold our stuff!

Unfortunately Olivia woke up at 3 in the morning and stayed WIDE awake until 5 and then I was up at 6 and was definitely not a happy girl.  {Neither was she when I had to wake her up before 7.}

The morning went really well.  I was hoping for a little more traffic, but was happy that we got rid of some stuff AND made some money.

I mean, wouldn't you stop by for this?
{No, her doll and stroller weren't for sale - she had just been playing with them.}

It really surprised me that this particular table was the least popular!  The home decor stuff was priced really cheap, but people were more interested in the stuff that I really just wanted to take directly to Goodwill.  We ended up making about $235, so we were really happy!  It was A LOT of work though!

David, holding down the fort!

Seriously, we were so exhausted when we got home.  Olivia slept for 3 hours and David and I slept for at least 2.  We made a pallet of blankets on the ground when she got up and watched Toy Story 3 together.  

David went out riding on the dunes this morning with our neighbor, Bill, and I tried to clean up some around the house, but that's about it for our accomplishments around here today!  The rest was much needed.

We'll be spending the week getting ready for my parents to visit on Friday!  We can't wait to see them {and put them to work}!!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend!
Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!


Poppy said...

Work! Work???? I'm coming to play with Olivia while Nana works.

Mom Cooper said...

Funny Poppy. We will let Olivia choose the person she wants to play with. PICK ME! PICK ME!

Busy weekend but seems that it was worth it. Not too shabby if you ask me.

As always, I love the pics and stories with Olivia and her friends.

See you Friday.

Irma said...

I have only held 2 garage sales ever! That is because they are so much work, I would rather just give the stuff to charity. Less work...and I can write it off anyway. But good for you to hanging in there and making some money! When I look at the top or your blogspot, I realize just how much Olivia has grown! Wow...I need to get my arms around that little girl soon! Big kisses to her!