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25 June 2011

This Time We Hit Up the Beach Instead of the Barn

Well, sort of.  We didn't actually step foot on the sand, but we did head out onto the pier, so that sort of counts.  Yep, I'm talking about Avila again. On Friday night, we took my parents to the Avila Farmers Market. This is an outing usually reserved for David's daddy/daughter date night and to be honest with you, at first I thought it would have been really nice to let them go by themselves this week.  After working all week on painting Olivia's "new" furniture {to be blogged about at a later date once I get some good pictures of it}, running a ton of different errands, having a date night, cooking dinner for friends, trying to clean and pack for our latest adventure, and attending our friend Avi's birthday party, I was WORN OUT!  But, once I got my second {or tenth} wind, I was glad we all made it out for a fun evening.

Too exhausted to even pull out my camera, I relied on Poppy's iPhone camera skills to get some good shots of the night.

Here's Olivia "driving" a vintage firetruck from 1942.

Me and my mama and one kickin' little baby nugget.

Look at that - even Dad managed to get {his shadow} in the picture.

Love that rusty fence in the background!

We said goodbye to David this morning and headed out for Arizona around 8 this morning.  Olivia did a FANTASTIC job riding in the car. For a girl who used to DESPISE being in a car seat, she has turned into quite the traveler.  I guess practice really does make perfect.  Of course, during the 10+ hour car ride, she NEVER slept.  She is seriously the only kid {make that HUMAN} I know who doesn't sleep in a car.  I have to give a ton of credit to my mom for keeping her entertained when she got a little fussy.  She only watched about 40 minutes of Curious George which is incredible.

{Great picture, I know}
She did an amazing job entertaining herself as well.

We stopped for dinner when we were about 45 minutes from home and when we got back in the car at 6:00, this is what the temperature read.  Holy Hot Oven!

But, it's a dry heat.

We are all so thankful that we have tomorrow to rest up before flying out to Atlanta on Monday.  This is going to be an interesting week!  

Happy Saturday from the Valley of the Sun!


Poppy said...

Nice blog, great pics and a wonderful evening at the Friday night Avila Beach Farmers Market. And an awesome week with you kids here as well.

Love you guys so much,

Irma said...

Great photos of you all! Such wonderful memories you are creating. Looks like a lot of fun.