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07 June 2011

Walking With Friends

Why is it that it's always easier to walk/exercise with friends than it is to do it on your own?  Yesterday, Sarah & Kendall met us to walk to a local playground.  Those girls love talking to each other while they are in their strollers and they love playing with each other once they get out.

No, we didn't coordinate their outfits on purpose!

Seriously, what one girl does, the other has to do too!

This morning I went in to the lab for my glucose test.  I took Olivia with me and planned on heading out to the car after drinking my sugary drink {which you would think I would love, but actually can't stand the taste of} and letting her watch a dvd.  But, she was seriously SO GOOD for the entire hour and a half that we were there!  I packed her breakfast, so that took up a good amount of time, but she just sat on my lap for most of the time and looked around at all of the people in the waiting room.  She had to ask what each person was doing {something she does all the time}.  One of my favorite things that she is saying now is, What's that little man doing? or What's that little lady doing?  I swear she had everyone in the waiting room eating out of the palm of her hand.  One woman, who was seated at least 20 feet away, was reading a Newsweek with a picture of the Royal Wedding on the cover.  Olivia saw it and said, There's Princess Kate!  I swear she is so smart and has such an amazing memory!  When I told her we were going to the doctor this morning, she said, Dr. Goodrich iron Mommy's belly.  {1.  Dr. Goodrich IS my doctor's name and 2.  I think when she says "iron my belly" she is talking about Dr. Goodrich putting the Doppler machine on my stomach to check the baby's heartbeat!}  Side note:  She also knows that Dr. Thompson is her doctor.  Every night when she takes her vitamin she asks for seconds.  I don't even have to tell her no anymore, she just says, Dr. Thompson said, 'Just one.'   Is it me or do we have the smartest baby girl ever to walk this planet???  

But, back to this morning.  I couldn't get over how good she was.  She didn't fuss, complain, throw a fit, or misbehave AT ALL.  She was just perfect.  And, she showed off her smarts and talked to all of the senior {SENIOR} citizens and made them laugh.  I was dreading going in there this morning and it turned out that I left feeling more proud of Olivia than ever before.  

We hit up Trader Joe's on the way home and I let Olivia push the mini shopping cart around the store.  It wasn't easy shopping AND keeping track of Olivia's quick movements, but it sure was fun.  And, thanks to a little sticky fingers on her part, we had chicken lasagna tonight for dinner.  Somehow she slipped it into the cart and I never saw it until I was unloading the grocery bags at home!

"Which way to the chocolate?"  Ha ha. 
 She was actually answering a lady who was asking her how old she was.  She does technically have 2 fingers up!  

She is too darn cute!

In other news, the garage sale is ON for this weekend, so I have been busy pricing all of our junk treasures.  Cross your fingers that it sells and we don't have to haul it all to Goodwill.

Also, if you want to see a video of Olivia talking about Hillary Clinton, you can check it out here.

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

I love this post and I love that girl. I will have to agree about her being the smartest little girl I have EVER seen.

Her Hillary Clinton skit it so funny.

Poppy said...

Awesome blog! One of poppys favorite.

Irma said...

Please give "sticky fingers" Olivia my love! She made me laugh in the video of Hilary Clinton! Maybe you heard me laughing all the way at your home!