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14 June 2011

Down on the Farm

This morning, Olivia and I met up with a few other moms and kiddos at Avila Valley Barn.  I'm pretty sure we haven't been out there since last fall!  I've been meaning to make a trip there, so when one of the moms sent out an email letting us know she would be there this morning, we decided to go too.

The older {and more aware} Olivia gets, the less inclined she is to feed the animals.  They are just a little too big and a little too loud to get too close to, but she loved having me feed them.  We ended up going on a tractor ride to pick some berries.  I wasn't really planning on getting any blackberries because Olivia doesn't usually like them, but the peer pressure must have gotten to her because she started picking away ... and then eating them.  {Sorry, AVB, we owe you for about 12 blackberries!}

Oh, hey there, DIVA!

I just can't reach it!

Umm, Olivia, you've got a little blackberry juice there on your face!

We had a fun morning and I have thoroughly enjoyed the taffy that I picked up in the candy shop!  I think we'll be heading back there soon for more...berries AND taffy!

Today would have been my Mammaw and Pappaw's wedding anniversary.  They were married for 59 years before my Pappaw passed away in 1996.  {I can't believe it has been 15 years...I still dream about both of them at least once a week.  They were both so special to me.}

I have their wedding picture in a frame along with my parents' wedding picture and mine & David's wedding picture.  I would love to have known what they were like when they were younger.  

And 59 years!  What an accomplishment!  I love them both, but WOW, I know my Pappaw was a VERY patient man!  Ha ha.  Dear Lord, we get it from our Mamas!  

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Yes he was and yes we do!!! I was a daddy's girl from the get-go. I would follow him around the farm and did every thing from drive the tractor to gather the eggs. I even followed him into the teaching profession. He upped me there tho, he taught for 44 years and never missed a day (except for the funerals of his parents). They were great grandparents to all their grandchildren, but I think you had a special place in his heart like no other. Yep, I still miss them.

We will have to go back to AVF when we come out there. Fun times with all the kiddos.

Irma said...

AVF looks like fun. I would be surprised if Olivia did not eat any of the blackberries...she seems to eat all foods! Great photo of your grandparents. You were blessed to have them in your life and even more blessed to have memories of them!