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19 June 2011

It's Pickin' Time on the Old Farm

I think it is safe to say that both David and my dad had a pretty wonderful Father's Day today.  They started off the morning with scrambled eggs, bacon and biscuits with homemade strawberry jam along with a few special presents and cards {with a little extra flair courtesy of Olivia}.  David immediately went into a food coma and took a nap before the clock even struck eleven!

After a lot of cleaning up on the ladies part, we all headed to Avila Valley Barn.  When we got there, we realized we weren't the only ones with that bright idea!  It was packed, but it was such a gorgeous day that we were fine with taking our time wandering around.

We bought a bag of salad {as Olivia calls it} to feed the animals and Olivia actually fed some of the goats!  She hasn't done that in a long time, so I was really proud of her.

You can watch a video of her feeding the goats here.

Check out the tongue on this cow!
And, I just looked back to see what we were doing last Father's Day and of course there is another picture of an animal sticking out its tongue.  Read that post here.

And, since we had all showered and looked pretty nice, we had to pose for a few family pictures.

Look at the three of them in their red!  Unplanned, I swear!

Every picture these days includes one of us holding her hand down.  She has a new habit of putting her fingers in the mouth ALL THE TIME.

Olivia had such a great time picking olallieberries the other day {I thought they were blackberries, but I was corrected today} that we knew we had to do it again today.  We hopped on the tractor and went out to the fields.  We ended up picking some white and yellow peaches and probably ate as many out there as we paid for once we got back.  {Just add it to our olallieberry tab from the other day.}  

Sampling some peaches.

Look how gorgeous that is!

The tractor was too slow on the return so we walked off our peaches and then decided to fill up again on a sandwich back at the barn.  The four of us split one sandwich and let me just say that it is definitely in the running for my favorite deli sandwich EVER.  {High Street Deli usually is KING, but this one was super delicious.}  

Well, somebody hitched a ride.

We came home, rested for a bit and then Mom and I made beef & chicken kabobs, campfire potatoes and salad for the boys.  We just took the apple cobbler crisp out of the oven and once the Little One is down, we plan on hitting that dessert HARD.  {Lovely that I go in and step on the scale in the morning!}  I promise to post pictures and the recipe soon.

We hope you all had a wonderful weekend as well.  
Happy Father's Day from the Central Coast!


Irma said...

What a great way to spend Father's Day! Great weather and a great time!I will have to get down there so I can go to Avila Valley Barn that I have heard so much about from Olivia!

Mom Cooper said...

It was an awesome day. It was great being with David, Amanda and Olivia on Father's Day.