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20 June 2011

Twenty-Six Months

Eeeeek!  Sorry, Little Miss Olivia, I missed your 26 month birthday a few days ago.  With a trip to see Grandma, a visit from Nana and Poppy, and a Father's Day celebration, it's easy to see how it slipped by us.

I'm not sure what I can say about you that I haven't already said.  You  are coming up with some of the funniest phrases these days -- today Poppy told you he took a nap and you asked if Nana had put him down.    You have the most creative imagination I have ever seen.  You can entertain yourself with your dolls or your toys.  You love taking a shower with me because you can put your toys on the ledge in the shower and play.

You definitely have your moments when you KNOW what you want and you do whatever it takes to make sure WE know what you want.   Even through those rough moments, we love you very much.

Picking olallieberries.

Blueberry pancakes

Bath time at Grandma's hotel

Avila Valley Barn with Kendall

Happy Birthday, Baby
*I know this post is Weak with a capital W!  But, your mama is tired and lacking much creativity tonight.  I still love you lots though!


Poppy said...
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Poppy said...

Nice Sis! Short and sweet. Love the pics.

Mom Cooper said...

Olivia, you continue to amaze Nana with your "smartness". I love watching you grow and your own personality shine through. You are *"probably" the sweetest little girl I know.

*probably is her new favorite word.

Irma said...

I will have to come down some day and to to Avila Valley Barn with you Olivia! Looks like a lot of fun!

Marissa said...