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23 December 2011

Keep In Mind That I Wrote This Last Night

Ahhh!  Christmas is getting SO close!!  There are so many things to get done and I'm always thisclose to finishing things up and then something {like a fit-throwing toddler or a diaper-pooping baby} comes up.  And, then, you know, I decide I'm going to throw in some extra crafts along the way.  Just for giggles and all.

Olivia and I decorated a few "Christmas trees" Wednesday evening and it was such a quick, fun activity.  I turned four ice cream cones upside down and covered them with green frosting and let Olivia decorate them with various toppings.  We used crushed up candy canes, Nerds and two different types of sprinkles.  They look super cute on our kitchen island.

I've also wanted to make some salt dough homemade ornaments and have seen tons of cute ones on Pinterest, but you know my stuff never turns out quite like what I see on the computer!  We succeeded in making a mess, but we did have some fun too.  They've been baked, but we haven't had a chance to paint them.  I don't think Olivia will care if that happens after Christmas.

She helped out by blowing a spit bubble!  (Her new favorite thing)

We have done really well with our Christmas book advent calendar and have failed miserably at our little trinket one.  We have opened every book each night, but I don't think we've checked the pocket on our advent tree since the last time I blogged.  A few of the books that Olivia has opened recently are I've Seen Santa, Gingerbread Mouse, Corduroy's Christmas Surprise, The Biggest Christmas Tree Ever, The Christmas Story, Santa Claus and Frosty the Snowman (narrated by my parents).  

Bunky has been flying all over the place and Olivia still talks about him all the time.  I've seen so many hilarious places online of where the frisky little elves end up each morning - many of which are getting into trouble.  David and I decided that our little elf wasn't going to be a trouble maker...sort of defeats the purpose if he is supposed to be watching HER behavior and reporting back to Santa.

Inside a gorgeous boxwood planter our friends sent us as a sweet surprise!

In our advent calendar.

In between Olivia & Kendall in the cute BFF frame Kendall sent her for Christmas.

I love that Olivia talks about Baby Jesus just about as much, if not more, than Santa.  We got into a little discussion yesterday about where Baby Jesus lives and I said he lives in her heart.  Then she wanted to know when he would come out.  I told her that whenever she was sweet and loving and kind, Baby Jesus came out.  Mom and Dad brought over the creche that we had growing up (so special that she has it in her room right now) and she has been playing with the little figurines non-stop.  She calls Mary "Mary mild" because one of the books we read says Mary the mother mild....  She has been singing Christmas carols like CRAZY lately and I've gotten a few cute little videos.  {See here} Some nights she will just lay in her crib singing them.  I'm not sure how she's done so well learning the words because it's not like we've sat down and tried to teach her the lyrics, but that girl is like a sponge.

Today I was telling David about telling another friend of mine how Olivia likes to hold my "you-know-whats" and Olivia chimed in and said, "They're your boobs, Mom."  Yep, they are.  Emphasis on the YOUR, please.  

Ahhh, I know this is such a random post, but it is MIDNIGHT and I am writing this as a draft email because our internet isn't working, but I know I have to get this down so I can post it in the morning.  Sydney is snoozing and I was able to get some wrapping done.  It's so hard to find the spare time in the evenings because Sydney stays up later than Olivia and usually falls asleep in the bed with me.  She is such a Mama's girl and sometimes I am the only one who can hold her.  Me & Poppy, actually.  She will usually let him hold her the longest.  

My brother flies in tomorrow and Olivia is so excited to pick him up from the airport.  My brother wants to take her to see Santa again, but she is NOT having it.  

Happy Thursday Night/Friday from the Valley of the Sun!


Poppy said...

wow! Sis you absolutely amaze your dad everyday with what you get done with the kids, the house and the blog and who knows what else?
You are AMAZING! You make your dad very proud of you each and everyday. Those lil girls are very lucky and blessed.

Love you girls.


Mom Cooper said...

Oh Amanda, if you were nominated for mother of the year, you would win hands down. At least for my two grandchildren. I know they are blessed because you are a SAHM and you are blessed to be able to do it.

These are precious times with your daughters, enjoy every minute with them now because time has a way of flying and before you know it you become a Nana and get to enjoy precious times with the granddaughters!

Irma said...

How creative of you to decorate ice cream cones! The girls are lucky you spend time of keeping them interested in age appropriate things to do.