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24 January 2012

Tuesdays With Nana and Poppy

Tuesdays just may be my very favorite day of the work week!  {So, that doesn't include weekends, even though, let's be honest here, every day is a day of the work week when you are a mom.}  But, back to Tuesdays.  I love 'em.  Wanna know why?  Because we get out of the house and head over to Nana and Poppy's house where the adult to child ratio goes from 1:2 all the way up to 3:2!!  Dad doesn't play golf on Tuesdays {he is either golfing or volunteering every other day of the week} and Mom doesn't have any of her singing commitments.  So, it's just us and the kids.  Two extra adults not only means two more sets of hands to hold them, but it's four more hands for fixing lunch, changing diapers and cleaning up messes.  Plus, we can be as loud as we want around here and don't have to worry about disrupting David while he works.  {And, it's an added bonus that we don't mess up our house...}

Today was wonderful!  Dad played with Olivia for a couple of hours while Mom and I went and ran some fun errands for my friend Jill who is living in Guam.  She needed some craft supplies and fun trinkets for her reward box {and it would cost about 5x as much for her to buy it there}.  We had a lot of fun searching for things that we thought the girls would enjoy.  It's always more fun spending someone else's money, isn't it?!

Dad had lots of fun playing doll house, pretend zoo and sleepovers with Olivia.  He's such a good Poppy!  And, did I mention that Nana is in the kitchen making all of us dinner?! We are truly blessed.

A Very Happy Tuesday from the Valley of the Sun


Irma said...

Tuesdays turns out to be mutually beneficial to everyone. The memories (or at least photos) the girls will have of their time with their grandparents when they were so small...and the memories and love the grandparents create as well!

Amanda said...

Aaaah! We had a wonderful day together. I was so proud of her riding her tri-cycle ll the way to Uncle Hank & Pat's. Plus, she then headed to my buddies house, Ron and Judy for a short visit. She was such a big girl there, telling me that she had to go potty and then heading off to their bathroom for the dirty deed.

It was a very nice day with you all.


Mom Cooper said...

It was always my dream to have my family close by, so it seems I'm living the dream so to speak.

Poppy and I love having you and the girls over anytime you want. I know you loved going to and having my parents visit and I know you have great memories of those times. I too want to develop those memories for the girls. So bring on the Tuesdays!!