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06 July 2013

Hashtag Sweet and Spunky

Oh Sydney... I fall harder and harder for you each day.  You are the sweetest little 22 month old I know.  Your hugs, kisses and giggles could soften even the grumpiest of old men. You are not all sugar definitely have a little bit of spice/sass/spunk mixed in to your disposition and I wouldn't want it any other way.

One thing that is clear is that you idolize your big sister.  Monkey see, monkey do seems to be the running theme in our household.  If Olivia spins around once, you have to spin around once. If she sits on the potty, you have to sit on the potty.  If she dresses up as a princess, you are not happy until you are dressed up with a poofy dress and fancy shoes.  

➹ The very first day of Olivia's summer camp, I sent her to school without a lunch, so Sydney and I ran to Target and picked up some lunch stuff for Olivia and dropped it off to her classroom.  When we walked in, Sydney immediately pulled up a chair, grabbed a coloring sheet and a crayon and got right to work. ➹

➹ Olivia did this same thing in a different raft about two minutes earlier. ➹

➹ I had just taken a picture of Olivia dressed in her pajamas for summer camp.  Sydney backed right up to the wall and pointed to my camera for me to take a picture! ➹

You are becoming quite the little fish in the water these days.  Once we put you in that Puddle Jumper floatie, you have no fear.  You jump in the water, you kick your feet and swim and you go down the slide like a pro.  We signed you up for swim lessons, but you kept getting out of your group and would run to try and join your sister's group.  

➹ That haircut! ➹

You are my best little shopping buddy {most of the time} and even though it is sometimes chaotic, I love how at the end of our Target trips, you always want to get out of the cart and slide in to the checkout booth like you work there.

For awhile I thought that I was totally spoiling you by rocking you to sleep for your naps and for bedtime.  But, you are my baby and I had decided a long time ago that I was going to do it for as long as you would let me.  It makes me a little sad that there are nights when it is clear that you don't want to fall asleep in my arms and would rather just lay in your crib.  And to make matters worse {or harder on me, I should say}, your dad is starting to put you to bed some.  So, I am definitely cherishing the times when you fall asleep in my arms....I stay in a little bit longer just so I can snuggle with you more.

➹ That's a baby doll you are snuggling with...➹

My sweet girl, I love you more than words can say.  I am one lucky mama to have you as my own.

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Poppy said...

Those are certainly precious pictures Sis! I think she gonna be a really special little lady.