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20 July 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 6 {Anniversary at the County Fair}

Well, Thursday the 11th was our 5 year anniversary.  We had grand plans of going up to Paso Robles in the morning so we could visit Meridian Vineyards where we were married, but we realized heading an hour up north in the morning and then 30 minutes south in the afternoon for the fair would have been a bit too hectic, so we opted out of the Paso trip in favor of an easy morning {with donuts, naturally} and a super fun evening.  After you see the 51 pictures in this post, I think you'll agree that we made the right choice. {Even though there is not one photo of David and me did we mess that up?!}

The Santa Barbara County Fair is one of our favorite fairs to attend.  I realized while we were there that we've been to this fair three times {including this one} in four years time.  {See 2010 here and 2011 here}  We invited Jacob and his mom to come with us this year and I'm so glad they decided to join us. Jacob had never been to any kind of fair or carnival and so it was just so much fun watching him experience it all for the first time.  He and Olivia had a blast seeing all of the animals in the barns and they especially loved riding the rides together.  And, I have to say, I think they were both fans of the funnel cake they devoured on our way out.  Watching the two of them together was a bit like chaperoning them on their own little date.  It was every bit as cute as these pictures show.

➹ Ready to go in Avi's cowboy boots! ➹

➹ It's hard to tell, but Sydney is in the middle of that hug! ➹

➹ Olivia had to show everyone how her hair was in braids too. ➹

➹ While David bought tickets, Sydney did everything she could to get into the carousel! ➹

Looking at that picture of Olivia reminded me of taking her to the mid-state fair {do we love our fairs or what?!} when she wore that same shirt {just a smaller version, obviously}.  Had to go find the picture and put it on here.  *sigh*

➹ Not quite the Dumbo ride. ➹

One of the reasons we love this fair is that it really is kid-friendly.  We love the little baby chicks who have their own little fair to play in and we absolutely adore the pony ride and mini petting zoo.  The kids all loved them too!  {Cue a gazillion pictures...}

➹ Jacob's first pony ride! ➹

➹ Hey, Natalie, look at the name of Sydney's pony! ➹

➹ Olivia's pony was named Tiki! ➹

➹ The petting zoo had two deer, a llama, a wallaby, an alpaca and lots of goats! ➹

This year, the fair added something called Cub Country which had rides specifically for little kids.  It was perfect for our kids. I loved seeing Jacob and Olivia on the mini ferris wheel and Sydney got to go for a ride all by herself!  

➹ Such daredevils! ➹

➹ This was right after I told Olivia to give Jacob a kiss! ➹

➹ Jacob got to play a little basketball game and he won a stuffed animal! ➹

➹ Such a big girl! ➹

➹ Having a little snack break.  Too cute. ➹

I honestly can't think of a better way to spend our anniversary than being surrounded by stinky animals, carnies and dear friends.  Such a wonderful evening!

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Mom Cooper said...

The pictures say it all. I oooed and awwwed all the way through. I know the kiddos had a great time and I'm sure you all did too being able to see it through their eyes. I love the way Jacob is so sweet with both girls. I hope they will always remain friends.