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27 July 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 10 {Date Night and Port San Luis}

Part of the reason I was so excited to be out here in July was that we would be able to celebrate our anniversary in the same state {and hopefully the same location} where we were married.  We didn't quite make it up to Paso Robles on our anniversary {or anytime since}, but we did get to celebrate our anniversary with a date night out at a nice restaurant with a gorgeous view.

➹ This is what they brought us instead of free desert to celebrate our anniversary.  File that under HUH? 

I downed over a half a bottle of wine that night {which is saying a lot since I rarely drink at all}, so the next morning I was not feeling my usual chipper self {eh hem} and so the only answer for that problem was a trip to our favorite DK Donuts.  Man, we are going to miss that place when we leave here.

➹ Their donut holes are the best everrrrrrr. ➹

➹ Clearly she was needing the morning cup o' jo too! ➹

We had been going full speed ahead since we got here and I decided we were just going to take the morning/afternoon off.  It was so nice to relax and stay put for a day.  I had gotten some princess sticker books and Tinker Bell pages for Olivia to color...did I mention she's obsessed with Tinker Bell these days?  And, so while Sydney napped, we colored page after page after page of fairies.  And, I secretly loved it.

Since we are staying so close to the Dunes, we wanted to go by and check those out before we left, so we decided that we would do that after being in the house all day.  After driving over there, we decided to scrap that plan and drive to Port San Luis to walk out on the pier.  I always remember it being so cold and windy there and while it wasn't as bad as I remembered, it definitely was chilly and windy {as evidenced by these pictures}.

➹ We ended up eating at the restaurant out there, Old Porte Inn, and getting a great table with another gorgeous view.  It was fun walking around and seeing the sea lions on the dock. ➹

When we left, it was almost 8, so we decided to head back to the dunes to catch the sunset.  It was freezing, so I'm glad we were only there for about 3 minutes, but it was beautiful and the girls loved watching the sun disappear!

♥ I think it's pretty great when you can have just as much fun on a date with your husband as you can on a date with your husband and your two beautiful girls.  ♥

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Mom Cooper said...

I am so glad you all are able to pack so much fun in while on your visit. It sounds like someone is going to need Nana and Poppy to help give that someone some needed R&R when you all return to HOTZONA!!

With Olivia going to school four days a week, you all are going to have to get in another kind of routine for that transition to happen . I think it will be nice to settle down to a less "on the go" time. Wait, what am I talking about it's the Michelsons. You guys are always on the go.

See you soon.