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17 July 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 5 {Playdates and Such}

Over the course of the next few days {after our weekend with David}, the girls and I had a slew of playdates set up with our favorite moms and kiddos.  Man oh man, have we ever missed our dear friends out here.

On Monday {of last week}, Sarah invited us over to her new house for a playdate at the park across the street.  As soon as we got to her house, Olivia made me put her hair in what we now call lalaloopsies just like Kendall's.  Those girls.  Just love their little friendship so much.  After the park, we headed back to their house for a little sprinkler fun...which of course meant popsicles too.

We stopped by Target for whoknowswhat on the way home and Sydney did her signature Target pose.  LOVE that girl to pieces.

That afternoon, we decided to take out Michael and Maren's bikes {with attached seats for the girls} and ride the Bob Jones trail.  It took a little longer than expected to load the bikes and I crashed and burned once with Olivia on the back, but it was totally worth it.

On Tuesday afternoon, we headed back up to Sarah's house for another playdate at Kendall's park {as everyone calls it now} and we ended up convincing them to join us for dinner at Firestone Grill.  I'm sure we had to twist her arm really hard...

I'm sure I've mentioned it before, but I just see these two being college roommates in 14 years.  They are so sweet with each other...they just laugh and play and they don't fight with each other or scream at each other.  For as long as Olivia can remember she has been friends with Kendall.  I totally blew her mind the other day when I told her they were friends as babies.  Even though for me that doesn't seem that long ago, but for her it must feel like a lifetime ago.  You mean we were BABIES...and we were FRIENDS?!

The next morning we met up with Olivia's first love/first kiss/first boyfriend, Jacob and his sweet Mama for music time at Boo Boo Records.  Baby William came too, but he's not much of a baby anymore.  Oh how I have missed seeing Jacob's face light up when he sees Olivia!  It's too much.  He saved her a seat and she got all shy and wouldn't sit there until music time was over and then he got shy and wouldn't get close to her for a picture.  And then he did and he kept saying, "One more picture.  One more picture." It was the cutest thing. 

➹ I was so impressed with Sydney because she got right up on stage like it was no big deal! ➹

➹ Oh, you know, just hanging out on the park bench on Monterey where all the cool kids hang...➹

After Boo Boo, we went back to Kendall's park for some more play time.  Olivia pulled out the colored chalk and did a little doodle.  {I had to tell her how to spell Jacob, but she wrote both names herself!}

➹ I have to say, these two are pretty stinking cute together too! ➹

➹ Like a gentleman, Jacob walked Olivia to our car.  Then he told me it was messy.  {He was telling the truth.} ➹

I'm so excited to post our next adventure...we went down to the Santa Maria fair with Jacob and Sarah, but that one is full of pictures, so it's going to have to wait for another night!  Thanks for sticking with me while I catch up...only about a week behind so far!

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Mom Cooper said...

I know you all are having a great time while on your CA visit. The pictures tell it all. It's neat to see that those early friendships with the kiddos are still going strong. Hope you all make the most of your time that's left because Nana and Poppy are sure missing you all very, very much and can't wait for your return to HOTZONA!