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24 July 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 9 {B to the F to the F}

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Olivia's best friend {for ever and ever and ever} is Kendall.  These sweet girls have been friends since our first days of Parent Participation classes and I'm pretty sure they will end up being college roommates if their parents have anything to do with it.  {See their first playdate from three years ago here.} They have the sweetest little friendship. When we are back at home, Olivia always asks if Kendall can come over and play or come over and have a sleepover, so we knew that while we were out here, we were going to have to make it happen {sort of again, since they had a sleepover last October while we were staying across the hall}.  So, last Monday, after a fun morning at the museum, Olivia got to spend the night up in SLO at Kendall's house!  She was so excited!  We got Kendall a princess nightgown to match because they just had to be twinsies.

➹ Bee exhibit at the museum! ➹

➹ Hashtag Sydney is not impressed. ➹

➹ Planning their route on the Oregon Trail. ➹

Kendall had soccer with Jacob right before we showed up, so Jacob got to see his two girls right before their sleepover.  I'd say he learned a hard lesson that night because the girls were 1) worked up that he was going to crash their party and 2) not wanting anything to do with him.  Poor guy.

➹ The best picture I could get of the five kiddos.  Hashtag Sydney is not impressed. 

While Olivia was off at Kendall's, we took Sydney to dinner with our friend, Ken.  Holy smokes, it sure is a lot easier to eat dinner with just one kid to watch over.  We even had time for a little selfie action.

➹ You guessed it, hashtag Sydney is not impressed. 

Sarah kept us posted on the events of the evening with texts and picture messages and we even got to squeeze in a little Face Time with the girls.  I don't think Olivia missed us one bit.  Insert sad face here.

Sarah had fun listening in on the monitor and sent me a text with a transcript of one of their conversations... 

Kendall - I can't wait to grow up.
Olivia - I don't want to grow up.
Kendall - Why?
Olivia - Because then we can't eat lollipops.
Kendall - We can have beer though.  But, I like lollipops.
Olivia - Me too.
Kendall - The raspberry ones are my favorite.
Olivia - Me too.  I love you Kendall.

 We can have beer though! These two are going to be trouble in college.  Love them to pieces!

Also, have to post these pictures from the next morning -- I took cake pops to everyone {and coffee to Sarah} and the girls were all dressed alike!  

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Poppy said...

I love the dialog between them. LOL! Well, maybe they won't have their graduation party raided, like you know who?