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14 July 2013

Our Summer in SLO, Part 3 {The 4th of July}

This post is going to be short {on words, but long on pictures} because I'm tired and ready for bed, but I need to get this on here or I'm going to be even more behind than I already am.  SO ... on to the 4th!

Of course, I'm going to back up for a minute and fill you in on the 3rd because I have to do things chronologically in my mind {and obviously on my blog} or it just doesn't feel right.  So, the 3rd.  David was originally supposed to fly in to San Luis Obispo on the afternoon of the 3rd and so we planned a little playdate at Kendall's new house before heading over to pick him up.  Unfortunately, right before we left, we found out that he didn't make that flight and would either be in very late that night or sometime the next day.  We didn't let that bad/frustrating news stop us from seeing our dear friends, so we still ventured up for a playdate.  I thought something was strange when Olivia told me that she wanted to lay down while hanging with her BFF and all it took was 30 seconds of cuddling with me for me to realize she was off to CVS for some Tylenol we went.  Luckily after one dose of what the doctor ordered, she was good to go.

So, our original plans were to head up to Cayucos for their infamous 4th of July parade and to hang out with our favorite {and only} wedding planners, Niki and Jonnell, but David's new flight wasn't going to arrive until after the parade was over.  But, that wasn't going to stop us from visiting the town and seeing our friends, so we headed up once we picked him up.

Jonnell's mom has an amazing house right on the beach, so after meeting up with Niki to stroll through the town, we headed over to her house.  Oh my gosh, color me was such a beautiful house with a gorgeous view and steps that led right to the ocean.  After a quick bite to eat, we took the girls down to the water.  It was so great watching them splash in the ocean, and I had a great time catching up with Niki and ooohing and aaahhing over her sweet baby boy, Espen.  So much so that I didn't realize my skin was getting roasted under those overcast skies.

We told the girls that we might go watch fireworks on the beach, but after really thinking about it, we decided that probably wasn't the best idea if we wanted to get the girls in bed before midnight.  So, we ended up driving around the closest neighborhood and watching the locals set off fireworks.  Olivia said, "We don't need to go to the beach!  These are PERFECT!"  And they were.

The next day sort of felt like a holiday or a weekend, so we convinced David to head over to the donut shop.  {Oh my gosh, does it sound like we are there all the time?  I swear they only know the girls by name and not all of us.} Seriously though, they have the BEST donuts I've ever tasted. 

➹ These kinds of pictures are my favorite. ➹

➹ Yes, I have pretty much dressed them in matching outfits every day since we've been here. ➹

I honestly can't remember what we did the rest of the day...I think we picked up some things from Trader Joe's and WalMart and sort of got settled while Sydney napped.  Friday evening, we took the girls to the Avila Farmers Market.  This is probably one of the things David was looking forward to the most.  He used to take Olivia on Daddy/Daughter dates there on Friday nights.  You can read about previous Avila Farmers Market trips here and here...and sorta here.  Oh man, I just love looking back at all of those old pictures.  

The weather was gorgeous and the girls had a fun time playing at the playground, walking the pier {and the steps below it}, dancing and sampling the yummy foods!

➹ That kiss was like WHOA ➹

➹ She and Olivia finished two containers of blackberries before we even left for home! ➹

➹ What a gorgeous night! ➹

Whoo Hoo.  We are getting caught up! I'm only about 10 days behind now.  Ha.  
You know the drill -- stay tuned for more of our California adventures!

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Mom Cooper said...

Love all the pictures. It looks like you all are having an amazing time at your old stomping grounds. Glad it has been a good get away from the AZ heat and you are able to get together with your CA friends.

Still miss you guys so much tho, so come on back to the heat and to the kids NANA.