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18 July 2013

The Many Faces of Four and a Quarter

Happy 51 Month Birthday.
I'm so glad we could come spend this month here with your friends who you've known for so long.
You are loving your time out here and I'm watching you grow and mature each day.
Thanks, too, for embracing my love of dressing you and your sister alike.
You are the bestest big sister.


Poppy said...

She is a precious little girl. I love my girls so much. It's amazing to see her grow and at times you can just see the wheels turning in that little head of hers.
So glad you all made the trek to California and Olivia can see her old/young friends.

Love you both so much,


Mom Cooper said...

Olivia, what a special grand daughter you are. I love seeing your own personality develop along with all your other talents. You (on the most part) are a very happy go lucky little girl. You are so smart and inquisitive. I hope you always know how much you are loved by your Nana.