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16 February 2015

A Bunch of Animals

Liv's spring field trip was to the Phoenix Zoo.  I was a parent chaperone on the last field trip, but learned that it's much easier just showing up at the field trip and walking along with the class as opposed to being in charge of a group of kids.  Olivia's teacher knew that our little crew of mom friends were all going, so she put the girls in our group and we were in charge of them anyway.  So much for me taking the easy route. ;)  

Sheri and I made shirts for the girls to wear and they turned out really cute.  I made a shirt for Sydney because I originally planned on taking her with us, but after a little bit of drama the night before, I changed my mind.  {She had a great adventure with her Nana and Poppy and didn't miss us one bit!}

The girls did a great job sticking together at the zoo.  Olivia and I had put together snacks for the class {animal crackers and animal fruit snacks}, so the girls basically had snacks and ate lunch and only got to see a few animals.  I think the group favorite was the Andean bear {which we discovered before we left for the zoo was the same type of bear Paddington was modeled after}.  He was full of energy and ran all over his area entertaining the kids.  It had been awhile since we had been to the zoo, and I'm thinking with these fantastic shirts, we should head back soon.  {This time with Sydney!}

After the zoo trip, Sheri and I grabbed the girls' bikes and walked them to school so they could ride them home.  After a quick play date at Riley's, Olivia and I rode our bikes over to Nana and Poppy's to pick up Sydney.  It was such a gorgeous afternoon.  We just love being able to spend so much time outside.    


Mom Cooper said...

Fun times with fun friends. These girls are so cute together.

Poppy said...

beautiful pictures Sis. And to share with good friends makes it all the more special. I always love the zoo trips.