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07 February 2015

The Tooth That Wouldn't

Let's put this in the books:  Tuesday, December 30, 2014 marks the day that Olivia lost her first tooth!

It was a long and painful {for us} process to get that thing out.  Back in August, the dentist told me that her bottom two teeth were slightly loose.  I didn't want her to know because I didn't want her to constantly be sticking her fingers in her mouth wiggling them.  Well, sometime in November, I noticed that the tooth behind one of her bottom teeth was starting to come in.  Like, really coming in. I urged her to wiggle and wiggle and wiggle that tooth to get it out, but she wouldn't.

David tried every night for weeks with flossing around it, wiggling it, brushing it aggressively, and nothing worked.  She wanted the tooth out, but at the same time, she was scared to death for it to come out.

When we got to Portland, we could tell that it was only going to be a few days before it came out, and by the time we returned from our date night, it was obvious it needed to come out right then.  The tooth was hanging straight down.  She was so scared, bless her heart, and as David was trying to even get his fingers in there to pull it out, she was fighting him off with her lips tightly closed.  Next thing we knew, she had spit the dang tooth out!  She, naturally, cried her head off, but then said it didn't even hurt.

The tooth fairy came and left her a two dollar bill and she was so excited to tell everyone it was a "Toofer Tuesday special!"

If you care to see some pictures of that dangling tooth, keep on scrolling!

➹ It's out! ➹

Of course, just a couple days ago, I discovered that the same thing is happening on the tooth next to it.  New tooth coming in behind the slightly loose one.  Here's hoping she puts that $2 bill towards some orthodontics.  😁


Poppy said...

Oh my what a major crisis she had on that tooth. Well, at least it's out now and she knows it won't be too painful on the next one. Love those girls!


Mom Cooper said...

Oh the hardships of growing up. Hopefully the next ones will be a little easier coming out.