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15 February 2015

This New Thing Called Geocaching

We are nothing, if not on trend all the time.  Eh hem.  After our hike with the Hayes' family, we decided to take the girls on another hike for Martin Luther King day.  {Yes, I'm aware that I'm a month behind here. Workin' on it, folks.}  We thought it might be fun to do a little geocaching with them to get them excited about all the walking.  They LOVED it, and we are excited to make our own sometime!

I packed some snacks because I know how they are, and fortunately we had a handful of apples that we offered up to some of the horses we saw along the way.  It was a gorgeous day outside, and this was a fabulous way to spend the day together.

➹ One of the treasures we got. ➹

➹ This is why I don't hike with them by myself. ➹

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