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07 February 2015

A Portland Christmas

This day after Christmas, we were up and at 'em at the crack of dawn to head to the airport for our flight to Portland.  It was about as chaotic as you would expect for a family of four to leave for 5 days to an area where the weather is completely different, the day after Christmas exploded all over the house.  But, we made it and it really was so worth it!

We had a great week, spending time with the grandparents, the cousins, and we even got to see David's grandma who was in Portland.  It was only the second time for Olivia to meet her {she was 5 months the first time} and it was the first time for Sydney.  We stuffed ourselves senseless with Irma's amazing food, David and I got to go on a date in Portland to a restaurant straight out of Portlandia, we met up with friends we hadn't seen in a few years and met their little boy, spent an afternoon at the OMSI, and even managed to have a pretty enough day {I didn't necessarily say warm enough} to have Marissa take some family pictures for us {stay tuned for those}! And, how could I forget that Olivia lost her first tooth while we were there, annnnnddd, our flight home was oversold so we got an extra few hours with Grandma and Poppa and ended up flying home first class!  It was a full trip, and we were fully exhausted by the time we came home.  Isn't that how all great trips are?

Ready to see some pictures?  Thought so!

➹ This is their new thing.  Sitting in the cockpit of our flights!  Lucky girls.  ➹

➹ Grandma's gorgeous tree. ➹

➹ The OMSI ➹

➹ Manis and Pedis with Grandma and Mommy ➹

➹ Tractor ride with Poppa ➹

➹ Chit chatting with her great grandma! ➹

➹ Playing pretend with cousin Noah ➹

➹ In the cockpit on the way home! ➹

➹ Bringing sass to first class! ➹

➹ Warm nuts really are better. ➹

➹ Oh my word.  If we are ever let back in first class on any plane it will be a miracle! ➹

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Mom Cooper said...

I'm so glad you all were able to spend part of the holidays with Peter and Irma. Love all the pictures.