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15 February 2015

My January Catch Up

My goal for this weekend is to get through my January pictures on this blog.  The only way, no, the best way, to do that is to lump everything together in one giant post.  I did take out two sort of special events and posted those already, so there are slightly less than 50 pictures in here now.  😁 You're welcome.

 Wanna know what we did last month?! Let's do this!

➸➸  After a present-filled Christmas, I knew Olivia would need a little humbling, so I signed her and some of her friends up for a couple hours of volunteering at Feed My Starving Children.  This is an amazing program and I highly recommend it if you have one in your area.  After watching a short video about who the food actually helps, we went in to the room to pack the MannaPack Rice food.  The girls did such a great job scooping out either the veggies, the rice, or the soy and pouring them into the bags.  If I remember correctly, our team did about 30 bags in under two hours.  One of the neatest things was at the end where we all went over and put our hands on the boxes and prayed over them before they were sent away.  It was an amazing experience for all of us, and Livi and I just talked about doing it again with Nana over spring break.  

➸➸  Sydney had a "snow day" at her preschool one morning and it was so warm, that a lot of the snow that had been delivered had melted away.  The kids had a blast getting all suited up and playing in it anyway. 

➹ Definitely did not need this coat! ➹

➹ Recognize this gingerbread house? It's the one from the cart parade.  The couple donated it to Sydney's preschool for them to enjoy!  She was so excited to see it again. ➹

➸➸  For Christmas, I got the girls Disney on Ice tickets.  We took my mom and had a great Saturday afternoon at the show.  We had fantastic seats and the girls were so happy to see all of their favorite characters.  Our favorite was the Hawaiian themed one, of course!

➸➸  Olivia celebrated her 100th day of Kindergarten.  I can't believe she is almost ready for first grade.  Where does the time go??!!  

➹ We wrapped Smartie's in these cute stickers for her to give to her class. ➹

➸➸  Olivia also studied bears at school the same week her whole school was participating in Kindness Week.  We combined the two and gave out little bears with a special note to each student in her class.  I love how she decorated each bear.  We celebrated that Friday with an after school trip to see the Paddington Bear movie with friends.   

➸➸ Pretty sure this happened in February {Superbowl Sunday to be exact}, but I took Olivia to the mall for a mommy/daughter date.  We had a blast spending a few hours with just the two of us.

➸➸ The girls spent lots of time with their friends burning off energy and just being nuts.  Isn't that what childhood is all about?!

➸➸ And what do you say we close out this party with some pictures of Sydney being Sydney?!  

➹ Somebody got into Mama's mascara! ➹

Every snowflake is unique.  Ain't that the truth! ➹

➹ Thanks for the half birthday cupcake, Riley! ➹



Mom Cooper said...

Your girls are something else all right and I wouldn't trade either of them for any thing this world has to offer. This was a great reminder of all the fun things you all have been doing.

Poppy said...

So many great pics Sis. The girls are really going to appreciate these later on in life and they have you to thank for all the time and effort you have put into this blog. Nana and Poppy appreciate it as well.

Love you girls!