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04 February 2015

Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Christmas Cards

Whomp Whomp.  We're at Christmas Day, y'all!!!  

I didn't take a whole bunch of pictures on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day, for that matter.  It was sort of nice to just enjoy watching the girls open presents without watching it happen from behind a camera lens.  {Also, I think I subconsciously knew I was behind on blogging.}

We promised each other that we were going to cut back on the presents for the girls {and for each other} and I think we did a pretty good job of it.  David may think differently, but I think we stuck to our word.  Their stockings may have still been overflowing, but hey, that's Santa's department.

➹ Best picture I could get of the girls on Christmas Eve at my parents' house. ➹

After opening presents there, we went over to our friend Sheri's house for her Christmas Eve Open House.  We showed up right after everyone left, but we were able to wish them a Merry Christmas right before bed.  It was the one and only time that Olivia wanted to leave shortly after we arrived because we had been tracking Santa on our iPhones and she was worried that she wouldn't be in bed by the time he got to Arizona. 

David put both girls to bed while I got everything ready for Santa, and then he fell asleep in there with them.  

The one thing on Olivia's wish list for Santa was an American Girl doll.  She got the Target version and is none the wiser.  :)  She LOVES that doll.  She spent all of Christmas day in her room dressing her and putting her to bed and packing her clothes.  It was so cute.  Santa also gave her a used digital camera and she was obsessed with taking pictures of everything she saw. 

Sydney's one request was a unicorn.  First it was a unicorn that was real and could live in her backyard.  Then it was a unicorn that could walk and crawl up her and give her a kiss.  I had no idea where to find one, but WalMart to the rescue.  She ended up getting like 5 unicorns in her stocking!

➹My Sharpies, not hers. ➹

I'm thinking Santa didn't want Poppy taking over his job, so he gave him a pair of elf jammies like the girls have!  Love this picture of them.

Christmas Day went from chaotic in the morning, to relaxing in the afternoon, and back to chaotic in the evening as we were finishing packing for a week in Portland.  Flying out the day after Christmas is crazy, no two ways around it.  {Portland blog post in the queue.}

And, as promised, this year's Christmas card.  It's the first year that David and I didn't make an appearance, but most people just want to see the girls {and Magnum} anyway.  :)

And, that was Christmas in a nutshell. 


Poppy said...

Awesome Christmas with you kids. Love you girls!


Mom Cooper said...

Pictures as usual, are adorable. Nice reminder of the good time at Christmas with family.