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15 February 2015

Back Together With The Hayes' Ladies {and their Gentlemen}

Four and a half years ago, we had the good fortune of having my very dear friend, Jill, come out to California with her two girls for a nice week-long visit.  Shortly after that visit, she and her family moved to Guam for three years.  They recently came back stateside for her husband's work and were staying with family in Indiana.  Lucky for us, they are doing a temporary stay in San Diego until March and made a cross-country road trip in January with a pit-stop in Arizona!  We got to have them stay with us for two nights and I think it was the highlight of Olivia's year!  All four girls got along fabulously, and I'm pretty sure my abs got the most workout they'd had since I last spent time with my funny friend.

We hung out at the house, went for a hike on SanTan mountain, and then let the girls take a polar dip in our 50 degree pool {they begged us to} before jumping in the hot tub.

➹ David's face!!! ➹

➹ I had to take this picture because I knew I had one of Ellie with Magnum from their last visit! ➹ 

➹ These two had a slumber party in Sydney's bed! ➹

Here's hoping they stop back by on their way to their next adventure.  Love them so much!

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