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17 March 2009

It's a Heat Wave in Nipomo!

The last few days have been absolutely gorgeous here in Nipomo...not that it's much of a difference from most of the year, but the temperature has risen a few degrees and the sun is shining brightly.

We have taken advantage of these days and have been eating lunch outside on our back porch. It's been extremely nice getting some sun on my pasty face, and I feel like I look less bloated as a result of it.

Magnum was the first one to buckle under the heat of the sun today and decided it was much better under the safety of the UV protected windows. The fetus and I were next, lasting only about 15 minutes. David braved it about 5 more and decided that it was time to get the sun on his back instead of his face.

Clearly, Magnum's bed was just NOT good enough...he chose, instead, to take up two of our blankets!

I miss Indiana, but not so much on days like this!


Lauren said...

As Fergie would say:

"J to tha E to tha A-L-O-U-S"


Actually, it's better that it's crappy here...makes me not hate being stuck indoors as much!

Mom Cooper said...

We have had weather like that here in AZ for the last few weeks. In fact the weather tomorrow is supposed to be in the low 90's. Sure is different from our upbringing in good ole Indiana. Your Dad has been taking his afternoon naps on the patio and has enjoyed every minute of it. Being able to play golf anytime he wants is a plus too!!!

Irma said...

How nice to enjoy meals outdoors in the sun! We have had some great warm sunny days lately...and I get outside quickly! Love the sun...but not the heat. Luckily we don't get uncofortable heat except a week or two in the summer.