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12 January 2011

Fast Friends & Rainbow Noodles

I love Olivia's little friends.
They are all so sweet and cute and smiley.
Olivia loves them too.

Are they adorable or what?

I got my craft on last night and dyed some macaroni noodles for Olivia to play with.  I couldn't stand just doing rainbow colors, so I added a few other shades in.  Too fun.  

We played with them this morning and she loved them.  Of course, she tried to eat them several times, but for the most part, she just poured them into bowls and called them cereal.  {I swear I don't feed her Froot Loops!}

We even made a necklace.

And, we only had a few casualties.
Some were because she tried to eat them and others got crushed under her feet.

I also got my baking on a couple nights ago and whipped up some S'mores bars and Oh My Goodness, were they delicious.  You can find the recipe here if you want a piece {or three} of campfire goodness.

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast


Poppy said...

I love those pony tales! So darn cute!

Mom Cooper said...

These pictures are so cute. I love the one with Olivia and Kendal by the fence. Looks like they are just meeting up for their regular "gossip session".

Seeing the colored noodles took me back to my teaching days. My Kindergarten class would dye the noodles around Thanksgiving time (during my Native American unit) and then make necklaces. Lots of fun.