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02 January 2011

My Little Hula Girl

Our friends Maren & Michael and their daughter, Avi, went to Kauai a couple weeks before we left for our Hawaii trip and Maren brought Olivia and her friends back a little grass skirt set.  Last night as we were putting things away, we came across the skirt and decided to try it on.  Olivia looked as cute as could be in the little outfit and kept calling herself a ballerina.

Her little Hula Doll, Emma.

I'm thinking a return trip is in order!

Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!
And, it was back to the cupcake pajamas a few minutes later!


Mom Cooper said...

She has to be the cutest Hula girl I have ever seen. I liked her little dance while wearing it too. Yep, let's go back.

Irma said...

What a cute. Bet she was great on her 'moves' especially with her 'curves'. Too cute!

David said...

She learned her moves from the ladies at Paradise Cove.