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20 January 2011

Zoo Babies

Yesterday, Olivia and I met up with four other moms and their babes for a playdate at the Santa Barbara Zoo.  And, stop the world, I was even on time for it!  I even managed to pack snacks and a lunch for each of us.  Don't ask me how I did it {but I'm thinking the wreck in my kitchen got the raw end of the deal}.

The SB Zoo is such a small zoo that it was super easy to get around to see everything in only a couple of hours.  We managed to see the otters, flamingos, elephants, giraffes, penguins and gorillas up close and personal.  The girls enjoyed searching the grounds for the lion and lioness.

Of course, we couldn't get them all to sit still for a picture together.  At least, I couldn't.   
{Olivia, Avi and Macy}

{Tessa and Avi}

Searching for the lions
{Olivia, Macy and Kendall}

We stopped by the play area, let the girls play and snacked on our packed lunches.  It was such a gorgeous day outside and the girls had so much fun together.

She loved sliding down the hill on the cardboard box.

Kendall and Olivia were so beat by the time we left, they both crashed in the car on the way home!

Such little angels.

We stopped by the post office later in the afternoon and I swear she was the hit of the place.  Those ladies have doted on her since she was a little baby and now that she is older and interacts more, they absolutely love her.  Hence the lollipop...
And, now guess who wants to go to the post office every day?

Happy Thursday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

I'm so glad that Olivia (and her Mommy) have such nice friends to hang out with. It's fun to see what all you do.

Poppy said...

Olivia and you have some awesome friends, thats special. I love the pic with the lollipop.

David said...

Olivia loves animals and the zoo! Thanks for taking her Amanda. xoxox

Irma said...

Going to the zoo with children is so special because you see everything new through their eyes!