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14 January 2011

Snow Balls!

Every year, the SLO Farmers' Market has a snow night for kids.  They bring snow in from a ski resort {this year it was China Peak} and set up a few areas on a side street for different age groups to have some time to play in it.   Olivia really seemed to enjoy it, but it made me really happy to know that we don't have to mess with that every winter!

Look at my little love bug in her fuzzy hat.

Building their miniature snowman.

Olivia talked about snowballs for the rest of the night!

We have a fun little weekend planned with friends and the weather is supposed to be GORGEOUS - in the 70s every day.  Hope you all have a fabulous weekend as well.

Happy Friday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Oh the things we take for granted (snow for instance). It's neat for them to bring it in for those who would not have a chance to normally be around it. I'm glad just to see pictures of it and yet not have to deal with it.

Have a fun weekend.

Poppy said...

Thats awesome! Now thats the way snow should be, just fun to play in it. She looks very cute in her snow suit.

David said...

I love farmer's market!