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05 January 2011

I Wanna Ride on a Firetruck

Two things Olivia loves - footed pajamas {these penguin ones, more specifically} + fuzzy socks.  And, she is thrilled when she can combine the two.

Oh wait, let's make that three FOUR things Olivia loves.  Her new baby and the stroller she pushes her around in are her faaaaavorites!

I have seriously been waiting for this day for so long.  I love to bake - like really love to bake - and now I have my own little baking buddy!  She had so much fun stirring the banana bread batter.

And, let's not forget the all-important chocolate chunks!

This morning we headed up to SLO for Music Time at Boo Boo Records.  I was a little worried how Olivia would do today.  Since our last time there, Olivia has become {and I know I use this word often} obsessed with Ivan Ulz's Firetruck.  Like, we can listen to it once and by the time it ends, she is requesting to hear it again.  Rinse & Repeat.  Firetruck is always played at the end of the class and I was worried she would be screaming for it the whole time.  However, today she wanted me to hold her almost the entire time and finally got down a few songs before Firetruck....and then she went NUTSO when Heidi finally played it.

After class, we stopped by a restaurant with a few steps and turned it into a little playground for the kids. I swear I took 50 pictures of the kids and never got them all looking at the camera at the same time.

Jacob was so excited to see Olivia.  Pretty sure he is crushin' on her big time.  His mom told him to sit closer to Olivia and he was all over that!

Was he going in for a kiss?

This was probably the best one I got.

Happy Wednesday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Oh Olivia, how more precious can you get? Get???She is growing up so fast (she now how her own babies to take care of) and from what I've seen on skype she does a wonderful job!!! Amanda, you are a wonderful role model for Olivia in all aspects of life. It's no wonder she takes such good care of her dolls AND is now helping out with baking.

I am very proud and love you both very much.

Irma said...

Precious as always. She is no longer looking remotely like a 'baby'! Love and Kisses to Olivia!

David said...

Cute pictures of the kidos!