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03 January 2011

Pictures A Go-Go

How about the next few blogs just be all about Maren??  Ha ha.  Maybe not, but she does deserve a lot of credit for this posting.  Back in November, one freezing cold afternoon, Maren came over with her camera and her fancy schmancy lenses and snapped a quick photo session of the three of us {er, four while he could stand the cold} and we used two of them for our Christmas cards.  I've been not-so patiently waiting to share the rest of them with you.  She is really so talented.  I know it doesn't take a lot of work to make Olivia look as cute as a button, but I think she even managed to make me, dare I say it, kind of purdy!  Thanks Maren!

Ready for the picture overload?  GO!

Poor David, I cropped him out of this one...he was making a funny face and didn't like the picture anyway!

Our Christmas card photo

I love this really LOVE this one.

Perfecting her Saturday Night Fever pose.
Those boots...she's killin' me!

I can't stand it...she is just too ridiculously cute.

I'm thinking she hates our kissy face.
Our photographers are always asking us to play kissy face during photo sessions and we always oblige, but we ALWAYS say to each other, "Who wants to see pictures of us kissing?!"
Apparently nobody and that's why she made us blurry!

We got cut out of this one for the second picture on our Christmas card.

I bet Maren had a million shots like this one.  Olivia has a bad habit...can you guess what it is?

Whatchu talkin' bout, Willis?

Happy Monday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Are you sure Uncle Rhino wasn't around saying make a funny face niece, for that last picture????

I too loved all the poses. You are a beautiful family inside and out.

Irma said...

Great photos! The subjects are easy to capture...especially the pint sized one! I really like the one you like to of the four of favorite!

David said...

Great pictures Maren. The very last one of Olivia reminds me of Arden.

Marissa said...

I miss you guys!!! Such darling pictures, and I agree Amanda, the one you love is amazing! :)