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10 January 2011

There Were Kids Everywhere

On Saturday, the three of us trekked up to the Paso Robles Children's Museum {which kinda puts SLO's museum to shame} for a friend's birthday party.  I had a feeling there would be a lot of kids there because I know the mom has a lot of other mom friends, but I was blown away by just how many kiddos were there!

Olivia We all had a great time - with lots of yummy food and cake - and with so much to do right at our fingertips, there was definitely never a dull moment!

Ever seen a ballerina chew on raw meat?  There's a first time for everything!

The birthday boy and his Mama.  If she wasn't one of the sweetest girls I know, I would have a hard time liking her.  She always looks so well put together, with make-up on and her skinny little jeans, and she's usually rockin' her little four month old too!  You'd want to hate her too, but you couldn't.  She's that sweet.
Funny story, if you know David's family - her name is Marisa and her husband's name is, wait for it, Kyle!

Believe it or not, there were still kids playing when this picture was taken.

Sweetie pie, Brycen.  Remember that face {and then age it some} because he's got an arm like no other two year old!

What do I need to put on my camera to get her to look at it when I take pictures?  I must have snapped at least 50 pictures and she never looked in my direction once.

Look Aunt Patty!! She LOVES the piano!

Believe it or not, we were all exhausted after two hours of non-stop play.  We were pretty lazy on Saturday afternoon and since we have a male guest in town, our television was tuned to football all evening.  We did manage to make it over to Jocko's {on time even} for a yummy steak dinner.

On Sunday, David and Sean went out to lunch and Olivia and I went over to the Farmers' Market and then headed to the playground.  

I love that precious little face more than anything!

Olivia must have played so hard at the playground (that is literally two minutes away from our house) that this is what she looked like when we pulled into the garage.

Bless her sweet little heart!  

After her nap, we had a little dress up party and Olivia had some fun trying on different hats.  This one was made by one of Grandma Irma's friends and it is just absolutely adorable.

Although, I think she looks like she belongs in this family instead of ours.  I need to head to Nordstroms, huh Jill??

I love these girls like they are my own family.  Each and every one of them.

Happy Monday from the Central Coast!


Irma said...

Olivia is one busy little angel! I MUST have the photos of her in the hat Debbie made her! She is so adorable...and keeps getting even more so as she continues to grow. Kisses to Olivia!

Marissa said...

I LOVE the picture of her in the blue hat! She's so stylish! :) And a Marisa and Kyle? Too funny!

Mom Cooper said...

Such cute pictures of the kiddos. I too love that pic of Olivia in the blue hat. She is one stylin little girl.

Poppy said...

I love all the hats Sis. She is such a cutie, I love that lil girl!

David said...

Thanks for posting these wonderful photos babe. xoxoxo

Coco Stiletto said...

A lot of mom friends indeed! One of my coworker's kiddos are in those pics. Small world!