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25 January 2011

Va Va Va Video

We have been super busy around here and even though I have a few different things to post about, I am EX-HAUS-TED!  So, I am parking my rear on the couch with my husband, my dog and a little Hawaii 5-0.

I did put up some new Olivia videos today after unloading a bunch of pictures and videos off of my cell phone today.  Feel like watching Olivia dance to the Wheels on the Bus?  Click here.  In the mood to learn a little French?  Click here.  Needin' a little Olivia lovin'?  Click here.  Want to get your groove on to a little Dave Matthews Band?  Click here.

Any guess as to where we went today?

Happy Tuesday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

Nana loves seeing her in action.

David said...

Great videos babe!