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30 January 2011

Weekend Wrap-Up

Are you prepared for a picture overload?  Because you are about to get it!  This is not just one, but TWO weekends worth of pictures.

Last Sunday, we spent the morning walking through the Village of Arroyo Grande and headed into a local coffee shop for drinks.  We just had to show this little stunner off.

Coat courtesy of Poppa Peter and Grandma Irma.

They had a few Fisher-Price toys there and Olivia had a blast playing with them.  I have since become officially obsessed with their pink lemonade and plan on making my 3rd visit there tomorrow morning!

She refused to take the coat off!

Yesterday, David and I took Olivia up to SLO to run a few errands and made a pit-stop at Sunshine Donuts for {what else?} some donuts!  We even let Olivia indulge in a couple of donut holes.  Let's just say she loved them!

When we got home, we discovered a care package in the mail for Olivia.  She was starting to think Christmas was over, so this was so exciting for her.

Clearly she is very excited over her Olivia book!
Thanks, Ron and Debbie!

Flip that kaleidoscope around there, sweetheart.

I threw a little pizza party and playdate on Saturday evening for a couple of Olivia's friends and their parents.  It was a great way for the moms and dads to hang out and socialize and for the babies to have some fun.  It's a good lesson for Olivia too - she does a great job sharing toys at other people's houses, but it took her awhile to warm up to her friends using her toys.

I was hoping that the late playdate would wear Olivia out and she would sleep like a baby. It pretty much had the opposite effect.  David put her down to bed at 8:45 and she didn't fall asleep until 11:25!!  And, I'm not lying when I say that she didn't stop talking the entire time.  I'm so glad we had the video monitor because it was absolutely priceless to watch.  Around 10:20, I went in to her room foolishly thinking I could rock her to sleep.  WRONG!  All I did was give her an audience.  I kept saying over and over, Go to sleep, Olivia to which she would say back, Go to sleep, Mommy.  Go to sleep, Daddy. Go to sleep, Olivia.  I finally decided that I would just ignore her and not say anything.  After a few minutes of silence, she heard David open the sliding glass door to let Magnum out and perked up to ask, Whaaaattt wassss ittttt???  I told her it was Daddy letting Magnum go potty and she quickly said, Hi Buddy {which is what she calls Magnum sometimes}.  Well, that got me laughing and then it got her laughing too.  I finally got her calmed down, but I'm telling you she went through every single phrase that she knew.  It was like being inside the mind of a child with ADHD....Pizza party, Jacob coming, naked, naked party, Avi poop in sand {poor girl will never live that down}, Hank cookin', cook in oven, oven hot, chicky nuggets...It went on and on.  And, after I had ignored her for too long, she'd throw in a Hi Buddy hoping to get me laughing again.  I finally had to put her in her crib and about 25 minutes later, she finally zonked out.  I thought for sure she would sleep in until 8 or 9, but instead she was up at 6:15. Fortunately, getting her back to sleep was much easier this morning, but it sure made for one tired Mama.  We spent today being extremely lazy and unproductive.

The two of us did manage to get clean though, which is more than I can say for the third member of our family!

Hopefully you all had a wonderful weekend yourselves.  I just scoped out the weather forecast and it's supposed to be sunny this whole week.  I feel bad for my Hoosier friends who are experiencing temperatures in the 20s.  

Happy Sunday from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

I'm glad you all are getting to spend so much time together as a family. It was nice of you to have Olivia's friends and their parents over for pizza fun night.

BTW, Irma, I love the coat. She looks like a doll in it.

Marissa said...

I LOVE that coat! Such a doll!

David said...

What a fun weekend!

Irma said...

I obviously had not scrolled down far enough to see this particular blog. So glad the coat fit her. She looks so cute in it with her sunglasses and ponytail! Looks like you are staying quite busy with her outings...lucky Olivia!