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17 July 2010

Of All the Nights to Leave My Camera at Home

The Bartholomew County 4-H Fair is going on this week back in Columbus and I have been SOOOO jealous of my C-bus friends and family (my parents are back in the Land of Hoosiers this month) who have been able to experience their world famous Lemon Shake-Ups, homemade ice cream, and dinners from the Pork Producers.  And let's not forget the FUNNEL CAKES!

Fortunately for us the Santa Barbara County Fair has been going on this week and we took advantage of the beautiful evening to check it out.  Unfortunately, about halfway there I realized I left my camera in the Chariot after this morning's walk.  Thank goodness for camera phones!

Seriously, this corn was just as good as Indiana corn.  We ended up going back for seconds!

I love my family.

Honestly, this was the highlight of my night.  It beat out the funnel cake, the roasted corn, seeing two baby white tigers, petting a deer, winning the lottery...
If she asks me for a pony, I'm going to say yes.  If she asks her dad and reminds him of this night, I have a feeling he'll have a tough time saying no.

Although, the chicks at their own fair WAS pretty cute.  They are riding in little teacup rides!

And, this was most definitely mouth-watering delicious.

But this was without a doubt the highlight of the night!

Pony Rides! from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.

Happy Saturday from the Central Coast!
Happy 15 Month Birthday, Baby Girl!


Mom Cooper said...

Those are the cutest videos I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure a pony is going to be on her birthday list for next year. Thank you so much for sharing all your fun times with Olivia with us.

Happy 15 month birthday sweet baby girl.

Marissa said...

Oh my heavens, that funnel cake looks AMAZING! Love the pony ride picture. :)